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"Not All Superheroes Wear Capes!"

Weekly News

I am testing out a new service for our weekly staff newsletter. You, too, can use this in your classrooms...go to and test it out.

I have added a PD section...The Growth Mindset was an article I read that got me thinking and I wanted to share it with you. Just click on it below and take a look.

I also added 2 Stars and a Wish...take a look. Lyon is doing some really awesome things!

Leadership met last night to discuss the potential for a possible schedule change, go over GLIPs and data collection for the GLIP and BSIP, and talk about discipline protocol. Please get with your representative and have them provide an update. The schedule change is on hold while we wait for clarification from the CIA department

Other FYIs

  • Please continue to send all dismissal notes/emails to the office. All students must have a carbon copy note with after school changes. This allows office staff to be in the know of each student's location after school.
  • Please remind parents in your weekly newsletter that all pick-ups need to occur prior to 3:15. They are certainly welcome to pick-up after 3:15, however, they will need to go to the back of the building and wait for dismissal.
  • PBIS: We are looking to build up this committee. Your responsibility would entail possible monthly meetings, assembly preparation and planning, and data collection and lesson development. I attempted to put a form at the end of this document if you are interested. If you cannot attend meetings but would help with assembly prep. there is a box for you on the form as well. (It's my first shot...if it doesn't work, just email Jeanette).
  • SIT process: SIT meets every other week, typically on Thursdays. Since the 1st quarter is wrapping up, please think about students who are struggling either academically or behaviorally and start the SIT process.
  • PD plans: If you have note met with me as an individual or a grade level regarding data collection for the MOY checkpoint with your PDP, please make an appointment to meet with either Jeanette or myself.

Mark Your Calendars


  • 13th-1st Grade field trip
  • 13th: Chats with Chance @ Price, 7:30 am
  • 13th: Lyon Social Hour
  • 14th: Grade window Opens (until 10/18)
  • 15th: Board Meeting
  • 16th: End of 1st quarter
  • 19th: Parent-Teacher Conferences (4-8)
  • 20th: Papa John's Pizza Night
  • 20th: Parent-Teacher Conferences (4-8)
  • 21-22nd: Make-up conferences (as needed)
  • 23rd: NO SCHOOL

Two Stars and a Wish

  • STARS (Great things happening at Lyon)
  • I love being able to observe in all grade levels, seeing the vertical alignment taking place. You are all focusing in on the writing process and the tools you're providing your students are paying off.
  • I CAN statements on the boards are helpful to both students and observers. This allows everyone to have a clear learning target for the lesson.

  • WISH (One wish I have for Lyon)
  • Take a minute or two before each lesson, making sure kiddos know their target for the day. Nothing fancy required...could even write as you start so students see it.