Kickin' It In Kindergarten

Our seventh week of school

This week's Learning

We are are continuing our second Unit of Study, "A Colorful Time for Rhythm and Rhyme", which will last for the next three weeks. The students are enjoying reading books about colors and have been doing a great job using the repetition in the books we read to try to read along with me.

The students have all enjoyed making connections between ourselves and the texts that we are reading. They are excited to share connections they find between themselves and the books that they look at during independent reading time also. When reading at home, you can practice making text to self connections also.

We are still practicing making predictions in stories. We stop throughout the story and use the pictures, and earlier events in the story to predict what may happen next. Predicting and retelling are going to become more concrete this week, as we begin to focus on story elements (character, setting, problem, and solution). Soon we will be completing story maps and writing about the parts of the stories that we read.

In writing, We will write sentences using our sight words in combination with our color words and sound spelling this week. ex: "I like the (color word) (animal)." OR "I can see the (color word) (object)". The students write in a journal everyday, and we make sure to date every writing. When you come to meet with me at conferences, you will have the opportunity to look through your child's journal and witness how they have grown as writers as the quarter has progressed.

We have continued to practice and discuss when it is appropriate to use a capital in a sentence, and we have begun to discuss the different types of punctuation.

In Math We are beginning a new topic in Math. We will be learning about the numbers 6-10. We will practice representing these numbers with objects and reading and writing them as numbers. You can support this learning by helping them form numbers correctly at home and by counting objects to ten using one to one matching.

Counting to 100 is a goal for all kindergarteners by the of the school year, so you can help practice that at home as well!

Letters of the week: q, a, i, o

Sight words of the week: in,my

Specials Schedule

Monday - Art and Library

Tuesday - P.E.

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - Art

Friday - P.E.

**On P.E days, please have your child wear tennis shoes.

Important Notes

Conferences - We will be having conferences in October before fall break. Most of you were able to choose a time when you came in for Kindergarten Orientation. I will be sending home reminders about the times chosen soon, so be sure to look for those! For those of you who were not able to sign up yet, I will be sending home a list of times I still have available.

Color Days - Since we are continuing to learn with colors and rhymes, we will continue to have "colors of the day". It was so fun last week to stand out as a class, when we were all in matching colors!

Monday - wear blue

Tuesday - wear orange

Wednesday - wear red

Thursday - wear black and white

Friday - Wear all the colors of the rainbow!

Parties - I am still seeking volunteers to help plan our class parties in October and February. Please let me know if you are interested!

Important Dates


22 - Parent Meeting - Parent Reading (gym and Learning Commons)

23- Picture Re-Take Day

24- Family Fun Run 9:00 AM

26 - Book fair opens (will remain open until October 6)

29- PTO Freddy's Fundraiser

30- Early Release Day 12:30 PM


5 - Parent/teacher conferences (4:00-7:00)

  • book fair will be open

6 - Parent/teacher conferences (4:00-7:00)

  • book fair will be open

10-16 - Fall Break! No school

17 - No School - Teacher Professional Development

24 - PIT Meeting (5:30-6:30) / PTO Meeting (6:30-7:30)

27 - Vacation Station Family Night (6:00-8:00)

28 - Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat (6:30 - 8:00)

31 - Fall party (12:00-1:00)