Sem Seussville News

Dedicated Every Day in Every Way!

Happy Birthday!!!

December 4 - Katie Page

December 6 - Bridget Self

December 8 - Stacy Carter

December 12 - Lalo Rodriguez

December 28 - Jodi Kuhn

December 31 - Mallory Sitzman

Important Information...

Character Kid of the Month is Dec. 18th.

  • Please check team planning folders to see if this is your month. If it is, please send me the student names by Wednesday, December 16th.

Sem Science Night

  • Thursday, January 14th 6pm-7pm

Eschool Attendance

  • Friendly Reminder.. Office Staff will enter ALL tardies; Classroom teachers enter absences only.

Hoppin' & Poppin' into Next Week...

December 14

PTA Board Meeting

December 15

Jeans and College Shirt day

Spelling Bee 8:00

Librarian Meeting - Price

Math Vertical Committee Meeting - Library

December 16

Character Kid Names Due to Ashley Young

Principal Meeting - Gonzales

Team Leader Meeting

December 17

Maus Music Tour 1:00

RTI Vertical Team Meeting 3:12

December 18

Sembly: Character Kid of the Month

Winter Party 1:50 - 2:40

Star Fish Story - Making a Difference Every Day
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