Bronco Chronicles

Volume 10, Week 10/24 - 10/28/16

Principal's Message

Goooooood Morning #BroncoStrong faulty and staff. The tenth week of school has been topnotch! The kids are having a bit of fun with our Red Ribbon Week theme days. Below, please see some pictures of kids and staff who participated. Don't forget, today wear your Drug Free Dog Tag and encourage the kids to do the same.

Next Monday, which is Halloween, you and the kids are encouraged to dress like a super hero and somehow tie your super garb to one of our 7 CORE Values......Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Proactive, Considerate, Grit and Servant Leadership. The student with the most creative get up will be featured in the yearbook. Also, TEAM TIME this coming week will be on Friday and there will not be a High School Pep Rally. Have a fantastic Friday, now, let's make this the BEST Friday of the week!

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Friendly Reminders

1. Please make sure updated the ESL Accommodation forms by the end of the day on 10/28.

2. If you missed the faculty meeting this week, please come see me at your convenience by 11/4.

3. If you received an email invite to the Serving our LEP kids training, but you missed it, please come see me by 11/4.

4. Please make sure you update your grades weekly.

5. Grades for the 2nd six weeks must be complete and posted by 11/8 at 8am.

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Upcoming Events

1. Candle Sales Fundraiser takes place from 10/17 to 11/4.

2. The Breckenridge All-Stars take on the Harlem Wizards on 10/30 at 2pm.

3. Core Value Super Hero Day 10/31.

4. BJHS PTO meeting 11/1 at 5:45 pm.

5. FB travels to Brock on 11/3 for their final football game beginning at 4pm.

6. CEIC meeting on 11/3 beginning at 4pm in the conference room.

7. TEAM time will take place on 11/4, which is a Friday. It will take place at the normal time.

Core Value KIDS!

1. Damon M. displayed INTEGRITY by turning in an iPhone to the office on 10/27. He is amazing and we are super proud of him!

2. Delaney B. displayed SERVANT LEADERSHIP by staying after class to help Ms. Debusk clean up colored pencils off the floor. She did this even though the mess wasn't her table's mess. Way to go rock!

Thin vs. Thick Questions

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Remember......THICK questions = THINKING!


Thin: What is 3D printing?

THICK: How can 3D printing benefit students and school?

Thin: When did the Olympics start?

THICK: How have the Olympics changed from when they first began?

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Growth Mindset for students - Episode 1/5