No Tests, No Stress

Abolish State Standardized Testing

5 Reasons why we should abolish state standardized testing

1) State standardized tests do not accurately measure student performance

Tests must yield accurate data regarding a student's strengths and weaknesses for students and teachers to use to further performance in years to come.

2) Standardized tests only measure a student's ability to memorize facts

State standardized tests do not measure important life skills like creativity, leadership, compassion, and integrity.

3) State Standardized tests restrict the teaching ability of educators.

With standardized tests, teachers are forced to waste valuable class time on test preparation.

4) Standardized tests cause stress among students

Studies have shown the students often feel anxious or stressed out when it comes to taking standardized tests.

5) Standardized tests are expensive and ineffective

Texas taxpayers spent an estimated 88 million dollars on standardized tests from 2009 to 2012.