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Drop off and Pick up Videos

Drop off and pick up for TK-5th Grades.

Please see the videos for drop off and pick up for grades TK-5th


Lin Howe Families,

First day of school is Thursday, August 18, 2022

1. Gates open at 8:30

2. Please help your student remember their TEACHER'S NAME AND ROOM NUMBER to help us guide them to their classrooms/lines

3. Send students with a water bottle with their name on it. We have hydration stations for them to refill them throughout the day

4. Send students with a lunch and snack

5. Reminder we are a secure campus, no family members are allowed on campus, without signing in through the main office (not available for drop off or pick up)

6. Pick up Gates open at 3:05.

TK picks up at Gate 3 (on Van Buren)

Kinder picks up at Gate 4 (on Van Buren)

1st and 2nd pick up at Gate 1 (on Irving)

3rd-5th pick up at Gate 2 (on Irving, closer to district office)



  • What do I bring on the first day of school?
Please send your child to school with a backpack, a water bottle(with their name on it), a snack, lunch (unless you want free cafeteria lunch). Suggested supplies are not necessary the first days of school. You will get more information from your child's teacher.

  • How will I know where to line up? 1st through 5th grade students will line up on the playground by class. Please look for the teacher sign. There will be many adults out to help students find their class.

  • I have a kindergartener and a third grader. How do I drop off both kids?

Please bring both students to the kinder gate. Your older child or staff will help TK or kindergarten students get to class safely. Older siblings will meet their TK or Kinder sibling at their pick up gate for dismissal.

  • Can I come on the playground in the morning with my child?
NO. We are a secure campus. All visitors must have a clear purpose to be on campus, and must sign in and out through our main office. Drop off and pick up access is not option to be on campus.
  • My child would like breakfast.
Students may enter the campus to walk to the cafeteria starting at 8:00am. Sorry, NO PARENTS/GUARDIANS allowed in the cafeteria for breakfast.


As we continue with enrollment we would like to WELCOME ALL our new families.

I wanted to be sure that everyone has access to all the communication that has been sent out thus far.

Here is the link where you will be able to find my weekly updates on the Lin Howe website:

Link to All of Principal Chabola's Sea Dragons' Diaries

Did you miss a Diary??

Here is the link to the page with all the previous communications from the Lin Howe Website

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