Section 3: Conflict

by Matthew Chubb and Dylan Wylie

What Issues Cause Civilizations To Have Conflict?

Conflict throughout history has led to violence. Historians use conflict and war as a way to tell the story of a civilization. Conflict was a resolution to solve problems for civilizations to better themselves. Some of the reasons civilizations had conflict was over land, power, natural resources, ideas, and religious beliefs. Conflict has resulted to war from swords, to bow and arrows, to guns, to chemical warfare and bombs.

The Wars of the Roses Conflict

In 1455 The House of Lancaster and The House of York, Two royal family's fought over the English crown. This led to many gory civil wars lasting 30 years. Both Leaders and many of there followers died as the power shifted back and fourth between family's. Henry Tudor defeated Richard III, married Elizabeth of the York and became King Henry VII.