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Pre K 1 Newsletter

Welcome to Ms. Ashley's Pre K 1 Class

  • THANK YOU to all who have filled out the Getting to know you sheets, I love reading them. I look forward to getting the rest of them!
  • As you know transitions have just took place! My class went from 13 to 6, Whoa!
  • Right now we are taking advantage of the small group and each child has been getting some form of one-on-one time with me. This has helped me build personal relationships with each of your children. :)
  • I am currently the sole teacher in the room, however more kids will eventually turn 4 and my class will grow. Somedays you might notice other children "Visiting" as they are preparing to move up.

Let's Meet Our Pre K 1 Class

Maddy Brochu

  • Big Sister to her twin brother and sister; Emerson and Kennedy
  • Loves spending time with family,especially her grandparents who come to visit often
  • Enjoys being active during soccer and dance

Aubrey Williams

  • Little sister to her brother Aiden
  • Likes learning about Animals
  • Favorite center is dramatic play. Aubrey loves dressing up and pretending to be on the phone

Laney Robinson

  • Big sister to her sister Lucy
  • Laney's can often be seen wearing a dress, they are her favorite
  • Likes to spend her time at the park and coloring

Sophia Tian

  • Big sister to brother Leo
  • Likes to have ice cream as a sweet treat
  • Enjoys playing in dramatic play and getting to cook

Levi Hutchins

  • Big brother to triplet sisters; Ellie, Maya, and Zoe
  • Likes to talk about trucks/planes
  • Enjoys playing in blocks and making train stations

Ryne Land

  • Big brother to his sister Grace
  • Huge sports fan, enjoys playing and watching sports
  • Likes when we have outside time

This week our focus was on each child as an INDIVIDUAL and their FAMILY

  • Discussions on what it means to be a family were had as well as some memorizes shared
  • Using mini cereal boxes we created our own homes
  • we investigated how everyone is special and compared fingerprints
  • We are memorizing a "Name Poem" that emphasizes the importance of our names
  • Role playing as mommies, daddies, brothers, sisters and grandparents have took place in dramatic play
  • We are still working on our All about me puzzles

We want to make a family tree but we will need FAMILY PHOTOS, please!

Monday 19th- Friday 23rd

  • We will continue our family unit and finish out art projects (All about me puzzles)
  • Talk and make a list of activities family do together.....then do that list (After all we are a school family)
  • Looking into how we can show love and respect to family and friends (Trying to remove hurtful saying from the classroom and replace them with positive words)