The Love Story We Create

Character Relationships: Thomas and Jackie


Adolescence is already a difficult stage in everybody’s lifetime. Every teenager wants to fit in, create strong friendships and wish for an easy and successful life. Like every other teenager, Thomas wished to have a normal and average life but unfortunately, the Mollison’s was not a regular household. His father, Simon, is in the army. His mother, Maggie, has high blood pressure and is pregnant with her third child. Thomas’ brother, Charlie, suffers from Autism that means it’s harder for Thomas to reach his dream to live an ordinary life. However, Thomas meets a girl named Jackie. She attends the same school and swimming classes as him. As they get closer, what will happen when Jackie finds out about Thomas’ family?

Thomas' POV

One morning, when Thomas was helping Maggie to prepare breakfast, Charlie escaped the house in his underwear. Thomas had to chase him across the neighbourhood Charlie suddenly stopped running and busted into a stranger’s house to use the toilet. Just then Thomas found himself face to face with Jackie Masters, his new classmate. That was their very first, yet embarrassing encounter. The next few days at school, he tried to make a good impression towards Jackie. They got to know each other a bit more and thanks to Jackie, he accepted his brother and his illness. He invited Jackie over for dinner and to celebrate his 16th birthday with his family. All went well until Charlie did something inappropriate after dinner, which cause Thomas' birthday cake to fall to the ground He got very agitated and angry, he vented his anger out on Charlie. Simon and Maggie tried stopping Thomas but it took Thomas a while to calm down. After all that drama, Thomas had thoughts on how Jackie would think of him now. She would think that he was a freak and would never want to be friend with him every again. She was the only person who helped him feel like he was living a normal life. He didn't want to lose her, so he approached her during the night and apologised.

Jackie's POV

After Jackie got to know Thomas and his family, things changed tremendously. Jackie spent more time with Thomas and Charlie rather than with her friends from school. Thomas would always tries to keep his cool even though Charlie is always mucking around. She senses that Thomas feels insecure about their relationship because of Charlie’s disability. She love him for who he Is and no other person can affect them. She hopes he shares his problems with her more, but he does not have the courage to express himself. There was this one day where Jackie, Thomas and Jackie decided to do something that they weren't supposed to do. They trespassed a site and walked to a river where we swam and had lots of fun, until it started raining. They ran to look for cover, they found this little cave. It was better than nothing. Jackie and Thomas both lied down on the dirt while Charlie was having fun sitting at the entrance playing with the rain. While in the cave, Jackie asked “Close your eyes, what do you see?” Thomas replied “Black.” then Jackie continued “Look Harder” She wanted him to close his eyes too because she told him that she saw her mum and Thomas ended up seeing Charlie normal.

What others think about their relationship

As for the Mollisons, they was excited to hear that Thomas was bringing Jackie home for dinner. They have prepared a roasted dinner to celebrate Thomas' birthday, but because their family have never experienced any of their sons bring a girlfriend home. Not only Maggie was nervous, even Simon was nervous too. They were lucky to meet Jackie because she was a sweet and loving girl who did not mind the Mollisons being an out of the ordinary family. Jackie accepted Charlie the way he was and didn't judge him, so that was the reason why Maggie and Simon liked Jackie even more and approved of Thomas’ and Jackie’s relationship.


In my opinion, I believe that the relationship between Jackie and Thomas was a miracle. At first, Thomas is self-conscious that Jackie wouldn’t like him because of his brother’s disability but instead Jackie had no problems with Charlie. It was great to see how Jackie was the one who stayed beside Thomas through his hardships in relation to a number of issues about family life, the difficulties and challenges that were casted upon the Mollison family. It was also relieving that Thomas has someone could rely on and share his problems with other than his parents who are facing difficulties of their own. Her companionship has helped him to realise that there is a better choice of living even though he struggles with obstacles.