Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel

By: Cade Cope


Bugsy Siegel was born February 28, 1906. As a boy he extorted money from street vendors in Brooklyn, New york. At 12 years old Bugsy met Meyer Lansky and they formed the Bugs-Meyer Gang. The two then formed a murder for hire company called Murder Inc.

The nickname Bugsy came to him because people said he was crazy as a bed bug. Anyone who used this nickname around him was dealt with by him.

Famous Mobster

During the 20's Bugsy met Charles "Lucky" Luciano along with felow New York Mobsters. Bugsy started killing off rival mobsters for Lucky. Bugsy was one of the four men hired to assasinate Joe "The Boss" Masseria in the 30's

Later Life

In 1945 Bugsy met Virginia Hill an actress. The two decided to move to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was Bugsys dream to build a casino so, he built the famous Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Along the way of the construction of the hotel and casino there were complications because the hotel was originally said to have cost 1.5 million but soon it became 6 million. Meyer Lansky became very angry with Bugsy because Lansky thought that he had been extorting money.


The night of June 20, 1947 a wave of bullets crashed into his Beverly Hills home. He was shot three times in the face. One bullet in the cheek and two in each of his eyes. Around the same time he was killed Meyer Lansky his long time friend had his men go into the Flamingo and demand takeover.
Mob City - Bugsy Siegel Death Scene