By Natasha Mason

What is hajj?

  • Hajj is he fifth pillar of Islam
  • It is a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia
  • Every Muslim must complete Hajj at least once in their lifetime
  • Only not allowed to do it if you are financial unstable, pregnant or ill.
  • Occurs in he month of Dhul Hijjah, which is the twelth month of the Isamic Lunar calender

Purposes of Hajj?

  • To serve God
  • To be completely focused on God for 5 or 6 days with no distractions
  • To learn to live without any luxuries in God's honour
  • To be free
  • To be sound of mind
Hajj - Pilgrimage to Mecca: A Documentary

What happens during Hajj?

  • On the first day of the pilgrimage, all the Muslims that have gathered send the day resting, praying, reading the Qur'an and resting for the next day
  • On the second day, the Muslims travel away from Mina and go and sit by the Mount of Mercy to pray for forgiveness from Allah. People who can not make Hajj join them in spirit by fasting for the day.
  • On day three, the Muslims rise before dawn and travel back to Mina. This time in order to throw stones at the statues hat represent the temptations of satan.
  • The Muslims then return to Meccah and do seven tawaf, turns around the Ka'aba

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