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Inspiring the Adventure of Learning - October 14, 2019

A Newsletter for Families in Yosemite Valley and Monarch River Charter Schools

Hello Amazing Inspire Families!

Can you believe it is October? Maybe you'll be able to get outside and enjoy some nature study as part of your school during this beautiful fall!

We hope this edition of the Central Scoop will bring you information to enrich your homeschool journey. Please reach out to your HST if you have any questions about the information shared here.

Student Spotlight

Kobe King - 8th Grade

Kobe King is working to save the local Boys and Girls Club in his town. He recently made a presentation to the Board of Realtors in an effort to raise funds for the club.

Great job Kobe! We are proud of you!

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A Note from the Lending Library

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Lending Library will be closed from October 14th-25th due to moving.

Our new location is in the same building, but will now have an entrance to the main hallway and should be much easier for families to access.

We will re-open on Monday, October 28th in Suite 103 with regular business hours,


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High School Event "Murder Mystery at the Disco"

We have an awesome High School Event coming up this month that we don't want you to miss! Inspire Presents . . . "Murder Mystery at the Disco." Come dressed in your 70's finest and participate in an interactive crime scene, where YOU are part of the clues and the cast to solve the mystery. It is going to be a groovy time!

Please RSVP HERE through Inspiration Station by October 18th. You can request a lead role to perform on Oct. 25th, or be a crime solver and not have a specific part to play. Lead roles will be provided scripts prior to the 25th if you RSVP by Oct. 18th.

We want all high schoolers at the Disco on October 25th, 1:30-3:30 p.m. Parents, you can participate too! You can have a role or enjoy being a spectator. See flyer below for details. This event is FREE. Hope to see you all there!

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Community Connections

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We have had the BEST month! Families have been finding our events, registering successfully and showing up with BIG smilies. If you have not made it to a Community Connections event yet, please check us out!

Inspiration Station

Central Parent Resource Site - Community Connections

You can find us in Monterey, Merced, Oakhurst, Coarsegold, Kingsburg, Fresno & Clovis

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IMPACT DAY - Community Connections

Inspire Community Connections throughout the state, will provide opportunities to volunteer on November 13th in a collaborative mission to clean, beautify, and love local communities.

Inspire IMPACT

Fresno, Clovis, and Kingsburg - Woodward Park - Art of Life, clean up and nature crafts

Merced - park/bike path clean up

Oakhurst - clean up, location TBD

Monterey- clean up & nature crafts, kindness rocks

High School

October 18th Deadline

October 18th is the last day to add or drop a class. After this date, changes can not be made to your classes.

1) Let your HST know if you would like to add or drop a course.

2) If you're taking a Community College Course, your proof of enrollment must be to our HS Counselor, Carmen Marroquin, by October 18th. Please email cmarroquin@inspireschools.org if you need help with this.

Progress Reports

We are nearing the middle point of the semester, and progress reports will be generated the week of October 24th. These grades are NOT a part of your student's permanent record but are merely a tool for you to know how your student is progressing in his/her coursework.
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Intervention Video Library

Our Intervention Video Library is accessible to you through the Lending Library on Inspiration Station. We have created this video library to provide resources for you to address common learning struggles that students have. The Video Libraries include reading, math, and speech.

These libraries serve 2 groups of students:

1) Students who are learning on grade level concepts TK-2 in reading, and all grades of math

2) Students who are struggling and need extra support in the areas of reading, math, and speech.

In the Intervention Video Library, you'll find:

Lively Letters- Free access is provided to videos and selected activities. "Lively Letters™ is a research-based and clinically-proven, multi-sensory reading program that turns plain, abstract letters and sounds into lively characters."

Sight Words You Can See- Free access is provided to short videos that teach sight words and also to selected activities. "Sight Words You Can See™, created by Penny Castagnozzi, is a research-based, multi-sensory program that uses mnemonics and imagery to train 84 of the most difficult, phonetically irregular sight words, such as “come,” “have,” and “what.”

Math Antics- Engaging math videos and activity sheets for Arithmetic, Percents, Fractions, Algebra, and Geometry. These videos are organized by topic, and not by grade level. They address math concepts from 3rd -8th grade. The videos are a really good review for older students.

Speech Video Library - Videos address Speech Production, Studdering, and Spoken Language. They include information to help parents understand speech difficulties and activities to do with students to address speech concerns.

Special Education

The Special Education Department has put together a newsletter to share important and helpful information with you.

September Special Education Newsletter

This issue of the newsletter is focused on Understanding the IEP. I am not new to Inspire, and as an experienced teacher, I feel like I understand the IEP process pretty well. Still, when I read this over, I found clear answers and explanations to a number of questions I have about why things are the way they are and how SPED works in a virtual setting. It is worth a read.

Enrichment Updates

Entering Service Orders in the EOS

When entering Service Orders in the Enrichment Ordering System, you must choose a time period. Below is an explanation of what to choose in different situations.

Service Orders- use:

  • Per session - one session only

  • Per month - one month only

  • Per duration - a range of dates

We can purchase 3 months of services at a time, and so when you use Per Duration, you can put the first date of the first class and the last date of the last class. It is much quicker than entering weekly, or even monthly dates.

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A Note from Our Family Liaisons

Clovis Christmas Parade

Please mark your calendars to join Inspire in the Clovis Christmas Parade!

We are still looking for a flatbead truck to use for our float. If you have one you could lend, please contact kristi.garcia@inspireschools.org

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STAR 360 - Friendly Reminder

If your students have not yet taken the STAR360 this school year, please have them take it soon. Reach out to your HST if you need assistance with the log in information.