The New York Colony

By: Shawn Stutts


The New York Colony was an interesting place during colonial times. First, The Indians of New York and how they worked together to gather food and grow things. Next, The Indian war and how it started. Lastly, The Everyday life in the Dutch Colony and what they did. The most interesting place in colonial times was the New York Colony.

The Indians of New York

First, Indians of New York and what they did. Men would hunt with bow and arrows, spears and clubs for they can get different kinds of animals. They would hunt all the way to Ohio and Canada. The animals they would bring back for there families were deer, elk, moose, bears, wild turkey and many other things. Most Indians would fish in canoes. They used bone hooks and nets they made. The Indians also made canoes. The reason why they fished was to have another kinds of food to eat. Plants they ate were corn, beans, and squash most women grew the plants. Women also grew tobacco and sunflowers. That is what the Indians of New York did.

The Indian War

Next, The New York population was increasing because of the English ruler. In the late 1680's France, Englanders long time enemies where preparing to join the Indians to attack the Americans colonies. Englanders and some France both controlled the lands of North America. France also ruled parts of Canada which is called New France in the colonial times. England ruled colonies along the east coast which is the US now. Attacks on the New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts War began because of the French and Indians. That is how the War started.

The Everyday life in the Dutch Colony

Finally, The Everyday life in the Dutch colony was an exciting place back then. Mother and Father would spend a lot of there time with there children. Mothers and Fathers were very close to there children. By the 1660's over 5 thousand colonist lived in the state of New York. The colony's largest town was New Amsterdam about more than 1 thousand people lived in the town. Many families raised cows, chickens and pigs for food. The hunters and fisherman bough back deer, wild turkey, ducks, geese, partridges, oysters, clams, lobster crab, and many other things. they also made fried cakes they would call it olykoecks or doughnuts. That is why the everyday life in the Dutch colony was exciting.


The New York colony was an exciting place to live in colonial times. First, The Indians of New York and what they grew and collected. Next, the Indian war and what happened. Finally, The Everyday life in the Dutch colony and how exciting it was. The most interesting place to live in colonial times was The New York colony.


1. olykoecks and doughnuts - olykoecks and doughnuts is another name for fried cakes

2. club - A club is another weapon the Indians used

3. raised - To raise something you take care of it


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