Summers' Scoop

April 11, 2016

Mark Your Calendar for Spring Standardized Testing

All 3rd and 4th grade students will take our state assessment, SC READY, on April 26, 27 and 28, 2016. SC READY assesses students in the areas of English Language Arts and Math.

Please note the following:

  • Students should be in class no later than 7:45. Testing will begin at 8 a.m.
  • Students will not be allowed into the testing session once it has begun.
  • SC READY is an untimed test. Please do not plan to sign your child out of school for any reason until after 12 noon on testing dates. Doctor’s appointments and other out-of-school functions should not be scheduled during testing hours.
  • Students may not bring into the testing location any electronic device that can be used for communicating, timing, or imaging. These include but are not limited to cell phones, gaming devices, e-readers, and cameras. If a student has one of these devices in the testing location, it will be collected and taken to the school test coordinator and returned after testing is completed in his/her class for the day.

Here are tips for helping your child with test preparation:

  • Encourage your child to do his/her best but do not place too much emphasis on your child’s test scores. Extra pressure can upset your child and influence test performance.
  • Make sure your child gets adequate sleep. A tired child is less able to pay attention or handle the demands of testing.
  • Give your child well-balanced meals. Rest, exercise, and eating well are important for test-taking.

News from the Media Center

Topics include the Scholastic book fair, the deadline for the SC Book Award Challenge on April 22, new library books added to the collection, and the digital citizenship spotlight on creating a positive digital footprint.

Shop the Scholastic Book Fair April 11-13 from 7:15 AM - 3:00 PM.

Math Update

This week in Math, our class is beginning our Geometry Unit. This will be a study of angles, shapes, area, perimeter, lines, types of triangles, and more! In order to follow the SC Standards, we will use the My Math Book for some lessons and use handouts for other lessons.

ELA Update

Our class has wrapped up our unit on the five types of Text Structures - Compare & Contrast, Sequence, Problem & Solution, Description, and Compare & Contrast. We are now on the hunt for each type of writing as we read articles and books together.

In writing, we are focusing on a type of writing called Text Dependent Analysis. As authors, students will demonstrate a deep understanding of an article by answering a question using evidence from the article to support their thinking. This is truly a combination of both reading comprehension and writing. We have enjoyed the close reading of these articles and the opportunity to analyze what we are reading!

We will be taking a short break from Spelling in order to spend more class time and homework time on reading comprehension, writing, and grammar. Watch for our next Spelling List to return in May.

Science Update

This week in Science, students will begin a chapter on animal habitats. If you have questions about Science, please contact Mrs. Starkey at

Social Studies Update

This week, we will wrap up Chapter 8/A Nation Divided. Watch for the study guide to come home on Monday with a test date of Wednesday, April 13. This test will include both short answer and multiple choice questions.

Upcoming Dates

Thursday, April 14 - Early Release Day

April 26, 27, 28 - SC Ready Standardized Testing

Saturday, May 14 - District 5 Dance Marathon 10:30 - 12:30