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February 23, 2020

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RES vs. SSES Friendly Coin War!

1, 2, 3, 4, we declare a CHANGE WAR!

We have challenged our good friends at Samuel Staples Elementary School to see who can raise the most CHANGE (as in the coins you have in your piggy bank!) to help kids in Houston, TX, impacted by the recent wild winter weather there!

Every single penny, nickel, dime AND quarter collected will go to Kids Meals, Inc., a Houston-based charity that provides nutritious meals to underserved children. Just $2 (and yes, it can be two Susan B. Anthony dollars!) buys a meal for a child!

How will RES swarm the coin battlefield and declare total CHANGE victory? By having our RES students bring in ziploc bags of change with them on the bus, asking their RES adult to drop it off to the designated spot in the RES vestibule, OR by bringing it to morning drop off on WEDNESDAY ONLY, where some of our battle-tested PTA Change Generals will be collecting it.

Let's show our RES pride and demonstrate that RES is the school who wants to bring the MOST CHANGE to their friends in Houston!

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TIME for Kids Coming Home in Backpacks!

RES Students and families can expect to see free copies of "The Power of Poetry" edition of TIME for Kids in the coming days. There are copies separated by grades (K-1 | 2 | 3-4) and will be used in the classroom (at teacher discretion) and / or sent home in backpacks. Cohort C students can pick up a copy at the front vestibule of the school. We proudly support the TIME for Kids mission to nurture today's learners and tomorrow's leaders with authentic news and critical-thinking skills that shape active global citizens.

Presidents' Note

100 days of school have passed and there are only 28 days until Spring!

Staying Strong Together

We LOVE our PTA Community! Together we are focusing on health, awareness of our neighbors and outreach to new families and community members. Welcome if you are new to our community. It may seem quiet now but we all want to play outside and meet new friends soon! Look out soon for a new PTA Outreach effort to better welcome new families.

The World Around Us

Today's kids are acutely tuned into current events from snow forecasts country wide to the latest gaming news. The PTA purchased TIME for Kids for each school child (Kindergarten and higher) with an edition tailored to their grade level. Our Executive Team is passionate about sharing tangible ways for our future leaders to engage in today's current events. Thank you Lisa MacDonald for making it happen. Won't you let us know if it made an impact?

Kids Helping Kids

If you've lived in Redding long, you know the devastating impact of ice-storms, week-long power outages and wild weather. Families in Texas and all along the Southern states are reeling from the impact of recent storms. In collaboration with the Samuel Staples Elementary School PTA, we are launching a fun Coin Fundraiser to support a food pantry responsible for feeding 3600 meals a day. If you are fortunate enough to have coins around the house, we invite you to consciously collect and donate them to those with greater needs. If you are less fortunate and need to keep as many coins as possible, we invite you to support with enthusiasm and spread the word locally. Keep it safe and place the coins / donations (paper is good too) in a plastic bag (see instructions). We have a friendly competition with Easton to see who raises the most funds; com'on Redding!

Keep those amazing ideas coming,

-- Angela and Meredith

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Redding Park and Recreation Seeks Program Suggestions

Redding Park and Recreation would like to receive input from our residents regarding potential

programs to offer in the future. The pandemic has created programming challenges but Redding Park and Rec would like to gather information now in preparation for future programming.

If you are interested, please share a few program ideas to be researched for future programming. Please send your program suggestions by email to Laura Anderson at with the follow information:

  • Program title
  • Ideal age group(s) for the program
  • Ideal time of day (i.e., weekdays, weekends, mornings, early afternoon, after-school hours)
  • Any potential or proposed companies or individuals that might be able to provide instruction or support the program

Annual RES International Festival

The annual RES International Festival is a celebration of countries, customs and traditions from Taiwan to Brazil, Russia to Antarctica! Families "captain" a country for a one-afternoon event where students can learn 3 key facts, look at visuals, see traditional dress or understand something unique. Many families embrace the event as an opportunity to celebrate family traditions and customs with friends from school.

So, be a part of this years' festival as we rethink how to make the magic happen. Reach out to if you have one hour to help!

Here are photos from past events (2019).

2021-2022 Town & School Budget Season

Budget season is well underway since January, so now is the time to speak your mind about your priorities and values as it pertains to town spending. The RES PTA closely follows the Board of Education budget as we care deeply about class sizes, arts programs, building repairs, staff retention, post-COVID catch-up, social and emotional learning, special education funding, advanced learning opportunities and much more.

Each meeting allows for public comment and we encourage you to attend and share. If your child really thrives in smaller classrooms and that’s a value our community holds dear, our elected officials need to know! If you can’t imagine a middle school without a robust music program, now is the time to share that! Whatever your perspective, the public comment time is there so our board members can hear feedback - and the voice of parents MUST BE well represented!

The RES PTA asks that we all do our part to shape our school’s futures - and the future of our kids! - by attending, listening and speaking up.

Key Upcoming Meeting Dates:

  • Mar 2 Redding Board of Education - Meeting 7:30 PM
  • Mar 18 Board of Finance - Meeting 7:30 PM

Sign up to receive information on all town meetings and events at

Black History Month

Join us in celebrating Black History Month this February and year-round!
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Since 1945, Mitchell has had the privilege of delivering energy products and services to thousands of families in CT and NY, giving them 24-hour peace of mind.

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ER9 School Community COVID-19 Information

A COVID-19 tracker is now available on our district website. This chart will be updated regularly, giving information on COVID-19 cases, exposures, and quarantines impacting students and staff at each of our schools. You can access the chart by clicking here: ER9 COVID-19 Tracker. Please continue to notify the school nurse of symptoms, travel and quarantining so ER9 is able to trace potential cases and keep our school community safe.

4th Grade Yearbook

Thanks for the pictures you have sent already! We want to make this year memorable for your 4th Grader; Do you have any photos of friends, class parties, SnowBall Dance, field trips, garden club, Boys and Girls Club Activities, Art Show, and International Festival...

Click here to upload your images directly to our yearbook website

  • Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to upload, click on “Select My Images.”

  • Enter information about the photo and provide contact information in case the staff needs additional information.

  • Click “Upload Chosen Images.”

It’s that easy, submit your photos today!

Grab-and-Go Meals

Reminder: Grab-and-Go meals are available for pick up to all students this year, regardless of financial need. We urge families to take advantage of the opportunity for healthy meals on the go to support students learning from home. Regular meal pick up at Joel Barlow High School will provide a nutritional boost to hard-working students with little to no preparation needed.

Please feel free to contact David Kennedy at or Deena Robushi at with any questions or concerns.

In case you missed it -- January PTA meeting

The January PTA meeting recording can be found here.

Easton, Redding, Region 9 Special Education Committee

The tri-district special education committee works to support students and families who rely on additional support services in kindergarten to 12th grade.

Learn more about the committee's efforts and events at its website here.

Employer Donation Matching

As we approach the end of the year, you may be thinking about charitable donations. The RES PTA is a 501(c)(3) organization, and if our work is valuable to you, you can consider making an angel donation right here, or by mailing it to the RES PTA at 33 Lonetown Rd., Redding, CT 06896.

We'd also like to remind you that your employer might be like Thomson Reuters -- a company that generously matches employee gifts to local nonprofits doing the work communities rely on. If that's the case, please let us know, and we'll help you complete all the paperwork you need to make it happen!

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Join the PTA!

As a PTA, our main goals will remain what they have always been:

  • To provide academic, cultural and social programs for our children to enhance their learning and
  • To support our teachers and staff and to act to unify our school community.

This year, the way this will be done may look different, but we are committed to doing all that we can do to meet these goals. And we cannot do it without the support of every RES family!

To fulfill our mission for a unified parent/ teacher community, we strive for 100% PTA membership. Dues are $25 per family this year. For more information on how to join, go to:


We are planning lots of safe and exciting virtual events this year that will be available to PTA members only, so sign up today!

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