Day of the Dead

Alyssa Meraz


Good morning. Today I am going to tell you all about the holiday celebrated in Mexico called "Day of the Dead." This holiday may sound frightening, but how it's celebrated isn't frightening at all. In fact, this holiday celebrates by honoring their loved ones that have passed away by so many fun ways.

when is this holiday celebrated?

People mistaken it to be on the 1st of November, but that is the day of the children or "Dia de Los Innocentes". November 2nd is the Day of the Dead.

what is the purpose of this Celebration?

This holiday celebrates the deceased loved ones that have passed, some believe this is the only day, if the deceased have permission, to come visit us.

what's the history of this holiday?

The day of the dead used to be celebrated for a whole month, from July 24th to August 12th!

what are the traditional foods prepared and served?

Families cook their loved one's favorite dishes as a tradition, but most of the time they will make the main dish, Tamales or sugar skulls.
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are there any colors associated?

Definitely! Black represents death, purple signifies suffering or pain, pink signifies joyous, orange and yellow signifies sun and light, and lastly red signifies the blood of life.

special clothing?

Women wear a colorful traditional dress and men wear a casual top hat and a nice tailcoat. Of course since it's the day of the dead, everyone paints (or use makeup) to transform their face as a skeleton.
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special decorations.

Skeletons are the main decoration for this holiday. They are made to smile and be cheerful, you will most likely never see one frowning during this holiday.

other traditions associated with the day of the dead.

There are three traditions that are so similar to the day of the dead. Bon Festival honors their dead ancestors. Chuseok, gives thanks to dead ancestors. Lastly, the Ghost Festival have both young and old visit their living family members.