Percent & Conversion Stations

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday January 4-6th(Due Jan 7th)

Notes & Videos


We will complete a short main course each day as a short lesson!

Then you will work in station for approx 20-25 min each!

You will complete 2 stations per day!

Station 1 Conversion TASK(Read the scenario) & Solve this task on BIG WHITE BOARD) HEXAGON TABLE

Conversion TASK

Use the big white board as well as rulers etc to solve!

Station 2(Percent Task Cards) 20 pt (Tutor Room)

These will be posted in tutor room!

Please solve some for main course at your table in 20-25 minutes!

Finish up to 20 cards to receive 20 pt

16-20 cards-A

13-16 cards-B

9-12 cards C

6-8 cards D

under 6 cards-F

Show work as proportions or double number lines

Use estimating to help)

Station 3(Part & Whole Word Problem Posters) (TABLE 3)

Problems to choose from:

Each student in the group will select a different word problem to solve.

-He/she will type up or write their word problem out on a poster

-he/she must use a double number line, proportion, or tape diagram to show solution

-He/she must write and/or voice record an explanation of how the problem was solved

-He/she must share this solution with the group!

One number will be drawn to share with the class!

Note: You may use piktochart, comic life, keynote or any program to show work!

Station 4(Teacher table Tenmarks Conversions) + Quiz Corrections

At this station you will work on your Tenmarks on conversions

-You may also get help on any ? you have on Percent ten marks

-You may also need to correct the Unit Rate CFA

Station 5(Blue or Green Rug) Based on color Cards I give your group)

Conversion Task Cards

Green cards-in folder on table!

Blue cards-in Folder

You should solve at least 2 cards per student

Write your answers on the recording sheets in the folder!

Use the talking chip to sit in a circle and draw the cards from a stack one at a time and then say answers outloud

Station 6(Percent partner work)(TABLE 6)

Choose a partner in your group

Work through the word problem choice assignment below!

You can pick the percent practice ? or the percent school task!

Choice 1:

Choice 2:

Discovery Final Assessment

Before we take the CFA on these, you will work with a partner to complete the Discovery Ed Practice!

Main courses

Monday Main course

Review of using diagrams to find and solve percent word problems

Apple Farm

Tuesday Main course

Percent task cards!