Promote Your Way to Success

Attract the right people to your brand, business, or event

Innovative Promotions

Promoting our brands, businesses, and events are an important part of reaching the public. Take your business to the next level with social media and direct contact promotions

Promote Your Way to Success

Saturday, Sep. 19th, 10am

This is an online event.

Whether online or in person promotions is a great way to interact with the public and gain exposure. The exposure you receive from promotions may be the key to increasing sales, brand recognition, or event attendance. Determining the perfect promotion strategy is important when trying to attract the public to your brand, event or business. With social media increasing daily, promoting on the appropriate platform will present your services to larger audience with one click. A direct contact promotion helps create a personal relationship with your audience.

The Promote Your Way to Success webinar will help you recognize what promotion strategy is best for you. After determining if social media or direct contact promotions is your desired strategy, the next process is thinking of a way to get your message across to your audience. The key to an effective promotion is creating an innovative idea. Your innovative help will set you apart from competitors and brand your brand, business, or event as a market leader.

The last component of promoting your way to success is implementing your ideas. Bringing your ideas to life will put your strategies in motion and place you the road of taking your brand to the next level. The execution process is the most important part of the promotion process. Without an execution there will be no connection between you and your audience.

The objective of this webinar is to remove the anxieties of promotions and allow you to view promotions in a new light. You wont believe the innovative ideas you will create when you implement your learning’s from this webinar!

Webinar speaker, Tamyra Hackney, has nine years of promotions and event execution experience. She has worked for The Walt Disney Corporation and CBS Radio as a promotions assistant/coordinator. In her nine years of promotions she has successfully implemented national and local campaigns for Radio Disney and CBS Radio’s The Ticket. A large part of her successes are contributed to her ability to create inventive ways to connect with the public in an exciting way.

The webinar will be hosted by Tamyra Rene PR. Visit for more information.


10:00am-10:05am Welcome/Promotions Overview

10:05am-10:10am Building creative promotions

10:10am-10:15am Social media and direct contact promotions