personal attributes that are valued by employers

There are many personal attributes that are valued by employees which are:

Specific skills

technical knowledge- it is important that you know about the subject you are working for. so if you are doing it you need to know how to use a computer and the software that this needed for it. you all so need to know risks of certain programs or emails that could damage the company with a virus.

health and safety- you need to be safe in the workplace as they are many risks working. you must know what to do in the event of an emergency such as a fire.

working attitudes- you should be enthusiastic about your work. have a positive audited toward your work and other work mates. it is important because this will make you more productive and it will benefit you and the company

General attributes

Time management- you need to manage your time well to make sure you stay on task and don't miss important deadlines or get behind in your work this will also help you do longer tasks without affect your other jobs.

Teamwork- is also important when working in a business to as this means you can work well with others and you can get your work done faster.

Organization skills- These are important because it allows you to plan ahead this allows you to make sure have all the equipment you need to work on a certain task.

Creativity- it is good for employees to be creative because they are able to keep the workplace looking nice e.g there desk and office or they will be helpful for advertising products

planning skills- planning skill are important to stop you missing deadlines and to keep you on task. this is good because you can plan task which will make you more efficient which means you will finish tasks faster

verbal skills- it is important to have good verbal skills when talking to co-workers or customers. because it will make you more professional,polite and approachable.

written communication skill- you need to be able to communicate with clients and co-workers through emails, letter's and memos.

numeracy- it is important that you know math


Leadership- leadership skills are good because you will be able to lead teams or groups and motivate them

Respect- you need to respect your co-workers, this will make you job easier and will help will also help to make friends as well you should always treat other staff like you would want to be treated yourself.

Problem-solving- problem solving is a good skill for employees to have because it allows them to be able to solve problems that they are not really used to being asked for example a co-worker may ask for so help for a problem they are having and you will be able to fix is for them.

independent- it is good for you employer to be able to trust you as they will be able to leave you alone and let you do your work with without having to keep checking on you

determined- you have to be determined to finish your task so you don't leave you tasks half finished.

principles of effective communication

general communication skills- are a must to a successful career because you need to communicate well with others. which is good because it allows you to work well with your co-workers which mean's you will be able to help each other out with certain tasks.

Cultural differences- it is important that employees are aware of Cultural differences because what is considered nice to us may offend other people

adapting your voice- you have to stay interesting to everybody if you talk all the time and sound the same people will lose interest in what you are saying

terminology- it is sometimes better to talk face to face than talking in a group or in call

body language- is importation because it helps your co-workers know how you are feeling and it also help you express stuff and make talking and doing work more interesting

potential barriers to effective communication

Background noise- has a big impact on on potential barriers of commutation because if you are in the middle of a conference call and there is a printer printing stuff off in the back ground it can be very annoying and make the people in the call annoyed or you might not be able to here them properly because of this.

Distractions- are a impact potential barriers of communication as well because if you are not paying attention to somebody who is talking to you e.g your boss then you will have to ask him to repeat what he said which and if he has been talking for awhile you might annoy him.

location- is important because before VoIP was invented workers would have to fly out to attend businesses conference. location is still important because some company's may not have a very good internet connect where they are which will make it harder to do business conference calls or other stuff that require the internet

lack of concentration- it is important that workers have full contraction at all times when they are working because if they don't they could end up doing something that could end up damage the company

physical barriers- it is important that worker know any physical barriers of commutation e.g. being deaf, colour blind or visually impaired. these are important because it will help you communicate with them better.