Animal Farm

By David stevenson


Boxer is a hard worker. He had someone wake him an hour and a half early every morning to do work. His motto was I will always work harder.
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My theme was that all animals are equal. When the seven commandment one was that all animals are equal. Then Napoleon changed to all animals are equal but some are more equal then others. When the piglets were born Napoleon told the animals to build a school only for the pigs. The pigs lived in the farm house and Napoleon ate on the fine china. The pigs also received a pint of beer.

Important events

The Battle of the Windmill. When Mr. Frederick paid the animals with forged money Animal Farm declared war on him. Mr. Frederick and his men came in to Animal Farm with guns the animals were not ready for them. The men killed some of the animals and knocked the windmill down. Napoleon thought they had won and boxer did not because the men came what they were here to do.
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Napoleon is a symbol for Stalin because Napoleon took control of Animal Farm by chasing Snowball away. Stalin took control of Russia because he chased Lenin away.
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