Hernando De Soto

By- Edward Osiychuk

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Hernando De Soto was one of the first explorer to see the Mississippi river and cross it. He was born in the 1500 in Spain and is believed to be when he was born. He died on May 21 1542 of fever while exploring. His body was wrapped up and place into the middle of the river. Some of his adventure were to Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia.


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Known For

Hernando De Soto was known for many things such as being on of the wealthiest men in that time. Although he grew up in a poor family he went on his first expedition and conquered Nicaragua, Chile, and many other. When he returned he was very wealthy so he invested in Pizarro trip to the indies where he explored and found the empire of the Incas and conquered them with Pizarro. He returned even more wealthy and got married then when to be the leader of Cuba. Later then he landed in what is called Tampa Bay Florida and explored many of the what we call states today. Then they discovered the Mississippi and crossed. Later after crossing it he died of fever.


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