My Great Grandmother Margaret Oden

Her life story

Margaret's Life

Margaret was born on Aug 5,1920 in Bristol Colo. She was the daughter of Benjamin and Beda White . She was a long-time resident at sterling and she attended Sterling College. She was also homemaker, wife and mother. She had memberships included the United Methodist Church and the WSCS. She was also a former church choir member and the M.B club, all of Sterling and she was a former. On July 4,1941 she married W.J Oden in Garden City. They had three children Jim, Barbara and Ellen They had six grandchildren and seven Great grandchildren.

Picture of what her wedding dress looked like her house she lived in and her family

What Events Happened in this Time Period

1940's onto 1941

In this time the cartoon character Bugs Bunny was created. The battle of britain was going on. Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to a third term as U.S President. In 1941 the jeep was invented and the first Captain America comic comes out. The cereal cheerios was introduced. Mount RushMore was completed and the first army jeep came out

Margaret and W.J Life and Death

Margaret lived to be 93 years old but sadly her husband was not as lucky. W.J only lived to be 60 years old he died in Nov 4,1977 he only lived 30 years. Margaret died on May 1 2014. She lived a good long life she raised three children, she found the love of her life and she was a former for a choir she went to a college. She was a former for many clubs and she saw the bugs bunny come out and the jeep and many other events. I am very glad that I know what she did in her and so proud to be her one of her Great-Grandchildren