Of Mice and Men

By Jesse Stanbrough

Summary Of Mice and Men

This is a story about two friends that go from farm to farm looking for work. One is a lot bigger than the other his name is Lenny, and the smaller one is George. Lenny is mentally retarded. So George takes care of him, and tries to keep him out of trouble. Tho Lenny didn't know his strength, and had a tendency to kill things. The worst he killed a person. Along with mice and a dog. Many people wanted to linch Lenny, but George protected him and told the people what was wrong, and that Lenny couldn't help it because he didn't know his strength. After they got in trouble at the first farm they moved to another farm. At the new farm they established a hiding spot for Lenny for when he got in trouble, the spot was in the bushes by the river. Lenny made his last mistake, he liked a girls dress so he touched it. Then the girl screamed and tried to run, so Lenny shooked he and killed her. So, then Lenny ran to the river and hid. Later on George found him and shot Lenny in the back of the head.
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What makes American literature American, How does literature shape or reflect society

What makes American literature American.The struggles that Lenny and George faced finding jobs in the midwest. along with trying to find a home to buy and start their own farm, but they just couldn't do it with the struggles of having to move all the time, do to Lenny killing things all of the time. They went through this several time Lenny killed mice and accused of rape then they had to move, Lenny killed a dog and they had to move, and then Lenny killed a girl. Then, George had enough and told Lenny to meet him by the river, where was Lenny's favorite place, and George pulled a gun out and shot Lenny in the back of the head.

How does literate shape or reflect society. In the story Of Mice and Men literate made it sound like American is a cruel place and people hated each other. Also, that people don't give second chance, or wait to hear the other side of the story.

Of Mice and Men

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