the supernaturalist

by:olivia Donnell- farrar

the supernaturalist

The supernaturalist is written by Eion Colfer he must have spent alot of time working on it because there was a lot going on.And sometimes theres too much going on you forgot what was happening.

main events

The main events in this book is technically killing parasites there are other little events but this one is the big one.the supernaturalist are the ones that kill the parasites.The supernaturalist who are they?well they are a group of kids that fight,and kill the parasites.some other events are when cosmo is in the orphanage that is the first event.


there are alot of themes in this book such as:

-LOVE: cosmo has feelings for Mona

-FRIENDSHIP: cosmo,Stefan,ditto, and Mona are all friends

-FREEDOM: when cosmo is happy he got out of the orphange


so in the supernaturalist cosmo is in the orphange and its a pretty bad one too, he wishes he could have freedom but he cant. one day a terrible storm hit the orphange cosmo got out of the orphange and found the supernaturalist together they kill the parasites as a team.then one day a race was going on with all the gangs on abracadabra street the supernaturalist went because the parasites scened an acendent coming.then lawers came and wrapped stefan and cosmo in cellphaneslug.they were sent to talk to an old friend of stefans she was the presedent of the myshi 12, she told stefan that they wernt killing the parasites they were helping them.....