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January 26 - 31

Some thoughts on the topic of Change - from J

I've been thinking quite a bit about change lately. Most likely because, like you, a deeper-than-usual impacting change has come into our system, and I had to wrestle with fear of the unknown, or at least step outside my comfort zone.

Think of concrete for a moment. Concrete is wet when poured, and forms to the shape that it is poured within. With time, the concrete hardens, and becomes set to the borders that define it. Apply this as an anology to a person. Kiddos are like wet concrete- being shaped and formed by their experiences. As we grow into adulthood, we naturally become hardened and set in our ways. Learning and changing appears to be more difficult for adults, and usually requires something like a jackhammer to break through and start again.

I believe that some of changes we will experience to better kid's learning will be most difficult for us, the adults in the system. Your leadership is going to be more critical than ever in defining and guiding that change. Think of the times when you grew the most; chances are it was a time of uncertainty and angst and unknown that you had to push through. We are approaching such a time as a system. More on this topic of change will be coming in February at our Ele Job Alike.

To start thinking about change and it's impact, especially with adults, you may find the following two reads very insightful.

23 propositions in an attempt to etch out the paradox of the modern teacher.

9 ideas education is having troubles responding to

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Summer School - from Bret

I wanted to highlight something from the summer school brochure. Online enrollment for elementary grades starts on Thursday, February 12. The order of registration is as follows:

· Thursday, February 12: 3rd through 5th graders can enroll starting at 7:30 am

· Friday, February 13: Kindergarten through 2nd graders can enroll starting at 7:30 am

Remember to contact your Aspire schools before the February Job-Alike. During that meeting, we will ask you to share with your colleagues what you learned from your conversations.

Your Children - Ultimate Disruptive Innovators

“Children are the ultimate disruptive innovators – fearless and able to clash together weird and strange concepts to create something radically different but unfortunately as we age we lose our creative edge.” - Does this quote grap your attention? See more at:
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