Principles and Elements of Design

Tina Mitchell


-pool draws your eye, pool is framed by vegetation and stone

  • Lines- straight, vertical and horizontal lines around the pool using plants, shrubs, and the stone walk-way
  • Form- the trees and shrubs create form around the pool
  • Texture- the plants next to the shrubs creates a rough texture
  • Color- uses cool colors to create a relaxed feel, mostly shades of greens with the occasional flowers with colors


-symmetrical, even flowers, even scrubs, symmetrical statues

  • Lines- all straight lines and clean corners
  • Form- there is a lot of airspace, some form created by shrubs
  • Texture- rough with the small trees at the entrance, the shrubs and flowers
  • Color- lively color because of the yellow and white flowers against the green shrubs


-multiple yellow flowers, multiple flower pots, lots of the same plants

  • Lines-straight lines connecting with the stone path and side walk
  • Form- trees in the background, not a lot of airspace
  • Texture- plants create rough texture with the flower, the texture in the trees is rough as well
  • Color- uplifting color because of the yellow flowers against the green plants and trees