KY Blended Learning

Training guide to links and resources.

Spring Training: Day One

Overview Presentation

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Team Challenge

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Shared Values, Shared Vision

Click here to visit Popplet.

1. Login to your facility's Popplet.

2. Populate your Popplet when prompted to do so.


Charting your Classroom

1. Visit:
2. Design: Choose Pie Chart
3. Data: Name Graph and Label Slices

  • Slice 1: Engagement (Green)
  • Slice 2: Strategic Compliance (Blue)
  • Slice 3: Ritual Compliance (Yellow)
  • Slice 4: Retreatism (Orange)
  • Slice 5: Rebellion (Red)

4. Preview: Check to see if your graph looks okay!

5. Print/Save: Download your graph onto your desktop

6. Drag and Drop your Pie Chart into the following Padlet : Charting your Classroom

Design Qualities : from the Schlechty Center

Spring Training: Day Two

BreakOut Activity

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Breakout Learning

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Post on the Padlet


How will we assess our Breakouts?

Breakout EDU Extensions

Click here to use the Break Out Planning Doc.

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(password: showyourwork)

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Rebus Generator

Planning Doc for


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Interest Survey Resources Folder

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Fall Training: Day One

Introduction to the Blended Classroom

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Digital Citizenship

While watching the videos (1, 2) please write a personal example of how you have been a victim of 100 likes syndrome or adapting to a new digital language.


Digital Citizenship 9 Elements

What is an RUP? :

RUP Presentation


* Will we modify the RUP?

*How/Why will be modify the RUP?

*How will we teach the RUP?

*How will be post the RUP (posters, signs, screensavers, videos…)

*How will student create RUP posts (posters, signs, videos)?

*What role will youth workers and the dorm play in displaying and teaching the RUP?

*How will we make sure that all students know the RUP?

*How will we teach digital citizenship?

*When will our teachers become certified and how will we do that?

*How will we model digital citizenship with our students?

Example RUP

Post your final plan on the Padlet.

Blended Classroom Management

Click here for the Blended Classroom presentation.

Lesson Planning

Click here to download the lesson plan document in Word or here to go to the Google Doc. Click here to see a sample blended lesson.

E-Portfolio Presentation

Fall Training: Day Two

Assessing Blended Learning

Survey for Spring Training

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Resources and Celebrations

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The Center for Educational Excellence in Alternative Settings

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