President Report FAQs

Social Studies

Hello Parents!

I've had a couple of emails since assigning the president report, so I thought I would address a few topics from emails for everyone.

The folders included 2 papers. One was a pennant on a president and one was a teacher note / rubric paper. The students only complete the page on the president assigned. The other paper was included for informational purposes as to what I am looking for with the rubric on the bottom left corner. I do not have the grading scale with me at this time, but you will see that I am looking for things like the research, details, returned on time, presentation, etc. I do want to see some color added to the clipart as it will be visually appealing while on display. Add color to match your president's features. (No markers please. I've told students this daily)

When the students turn in their assignment, I will then be able to grade the activity with the rubric. While your child presents their report, I will be taking notes on the second page such as "Really knowledgable of the president assigned." Or on the other hand, if the student is not prepared, I will make those notes. ( I hope they are prepared!)

The rubric / Note page will go home in the sign & return test papers.

This is a fun way for us to be able to learn more about all of our presidents.

It is going to be a beautiful display as well! So, do your best and make me proud! I cannot wait to hear and see what you can do! We will start presenting on Friday!

Return both pages in the folder by Friday for full credit. This is worth 196 points!

If it helps, write the sentences out for your child on a scratch piece of paper and assist them in transferring the information to the research paper. Talk about what you are writing so that they have the information they need to present their report in front of the class. Perhaps, look for some kid videos on their president.

Please let me know if you have any more questions!

Jessica Lyons