BY Donovan Nasir


Antarctica is a very cold place near the sothern hemesphere. When packing make sure you pack a wool shirt a pair of wool pants and a pair of wool pants, 2 pairs of wool jackets. a pair of gloves , a pair of snow boots, and last but not least a big wool winter coat.
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one of antarcticas known animals are the penguin speacies. These animals are flightless birds. When they are playing around they slide on their stomaches and go with the flow. When they are hungry they dive into the water and eat fish.(warning The fact Im going to tell you is very disgusting.) If they have kids the parents take the food they they just ate and reagurgitate it into theyre youngs mouth to feed.
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Antarctica is a perfect place for a snowball fight or a snow fort. But if youre expecting to get a sun tan youre headind to the wrong place. In antarctica its so freezing that snow wont melt wich means that if youleave an you had made a snowman he will be there when you come back. Awsome right.
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