War of 1812

By: Elaine Allison

Who was fighting and how long did it last?

The war of 1812 was a war between the British and the United States. The war lasted from 1812-1814. Our American troops lost a small amount of 71 soldiers. As for the British, they lost about 2,000 soldiers.

Causes and Effects of the war

Causes and effects

There were 2 causes of the war of 1812

1. The British didn't want us trading with the French, and French didn't want us trading with the British.

2. The British were stealing sailors and taking them away.

There were also 2 effects

1. We became more patriotic

2. We became more confident

What are my thoughts?

All of this war stuff is pretty scary to be honest. I can't handle all of the fire and gun shots. I am just trying to stay as safe as I can.

Native Americans

One important Native American is Tecumseh he is shown in the picture below.
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