Miss Maudie nut-grass killer

#acid-tongued #cakelady

Maudie's opinion on the folk

Miss Maudie has an opinion on everyone, the kids she likes enough to let them play in her yard, while she likes scout a bit more than the boys. she thinks okay of Atticus the father of the two young kids Jem and scout, while she thinks he's a decent lawyer as well as a father.now miss Stephanie Crawford she acknolewdes as a decent person but a bit too talkative about the wrong subjects.The "boo" or Radley she thinks as a sad child who's been misjudged by the rest; having a hard drinker for a father and a exaggerating mother. Miss Maudie thinks nothing more of herself as a baptist with an acid tongued, a woman who tells it straight.

Cake maker

Miss maudie

I guarantee my cakes are gooooood!

Why am I an important character?

I am a mother for the kids, picking up where their mother left of off. I am a reasoning voice in the midst of the scene. Also this world needs my azzaleas!

Worlds best garden of azzaleas