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Make sure that your house is perfect in every sense!

Inspection, before the purchase is one of the best and most beneficial decisions you can take. If you accept this fact and need expert inspection services before buying a new house, you have come to the right place. All Estate Home Inspection is the best and the most trusted name in the field of home inspection. Our masters can find out flaws which are almost impossible for you to find out. From Electrical flaws to pipe problems, our experts can help you find any problem in the house.

We are located in Miami FL since the day of our start in 2001. All Estate Home Inspection has inspected over 29.000 buildings since our start. Being in the same business for over five years, we have seen and experienced everything. Our Real Estate Inspection Services have received a positive response from the users every single time. We have the most reasonable Property Inspection Cost in all the FL. Our inspectors are licensed by state government, are well behaved and experienced.

The South Florida Home Inspection services of our company are the most used of the area. Log on to for precise South Florida property inspection services.