4th Grade Updates!

February 8-12, 2016

Snapshot of our Week in 4th Grade

Monday - It's Friendship Week, Y'all! Friendships are not made with just one person, it takes a team effort! Wear your favorite team shirt or jersey! - HOMEWORK goes home today! All homework is due on Friday

Reading - KAMICO 6 - A Desert Flower Among the Sands

Writing - An Electrifying Man - Revising and Editing

Math - Problem Solving area and perimeter (p.437-438)

If you haven't sent in money for the Austin fieldtrip, remember we need $20 by April 1st!

Tuesday - Even though everyone will be wearing CAMO today, that no big obstacle for Rattan Pups! Uncover those hidden or special qualities in a friend today!


Wednesday - Brighten up someone's day today by giving someone a nice compliment! Wear your brightest colors today! Homework is due FRIDAY!

Thursday - Wear your superhero t-shirts today and show what you can do!

Homework is Due FRIDAY! - Thursday folders come home! If you sign the THURSDAY FOLDER and the PLANNER, your kiddo gets 2 D

DOJO POINTS! Be sure to check the Class DOJO point sheet in your student's binder!


Friday - Have you done a random act of kindness lately? Did it come from the heart? If not, no worries...there's no better time to start than today! Homework is DUE TODAY!

We will do a Valentine's Day card exchange at 2:15 today. Unfortunately, we cannot do special cupcakes or sweet treats but students may bring candy to share and enjoy as an after school snack!


Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 6:30pm

Sue E. Rattan Elementary School


If you have any pictures that you have taken at school events from this school year, we need them for our yearbook! If you take any between now and April 1, PLEASE send them to Mrs. Pratt!

Mrs. Pratt's Reading Riches!

This week in Reading class, we are starting our unit on POETRY! Students will learn all about Figurative Language! The five different types of figure of speech that we are focusing on are similes, metaphors, personification, alliteration, and onomatopoeia.

We will also explore the various elements of poetry through a mini-lesson covering rhythm, rhyme scheme, stanzas, mood and much more! Our goal is to get students to the point of being able to comprehend what the author is saying and how to read various types of poetry.

Students will be introduced to many different forms of poetry and will eventually be asked to write their own poetry! Students will learn about Haiku, couplet, diamante, acrostic, tercet, quatrain and a few others!

Our Week in Math with Mrs. Robinson

This week we are beginning our unit on measurement! We will be working with customary units of length, weight, and capacity this week. Next week will be the same with the metric system. Please help your student by showing them household measuring tools, units, and items that have length, weight, or capacity. Measuring cups and inside the fridge are two great places to start!

We are still having weekly Vocabulary Quizzes. Please check your student's binder to see which words they have down and which words they need help with. Encourage them to review these tests, make flash cards, and talk about these words!

Mrs. Crane's Week in Writing!

This week in Writing we will continue working with the expository pillar and organization. We have written a class expository and a group expository. This week we will be writing an independent piece!

The first part of the week we are going to focus on making sure we stick to the main idea of our paragraphs and writing good introductions!

Revising and editing homework comes home every week. Students need to use their strategies we have worked through in class. Remind them to write "blurbs" for each paragraph, underline the sentence the question is asking about, and eliminate incorrect answer choices.

We will continue to review plural nouns and our Unit 12 Sitton Spelling test will be Thursday, February 11!

What in the World is Happening in Social Studies!?

This week, we are going to start researching TEXAS HEROS! The Texas Revolution is going to be our primary focus and we are going to do a project that will help students really discover the details and adventure of the Texas Revolution and the Texas Heroes of that time.


Friday, February 12 - Picture Retakes


Friday, February 26 - Student's Night Out

Thursday, March 3 - Rattan Elementary's Student's Night Out

Friday, March 4 - Early Release at 1:00pm

Monday, March 7 - Friday, March 11 - NO SCHOOL - Spring Break

Tuesday, March 22 - Thursday, March 24 - CAMP WRITE ALONG

Tuesday, March 29 - Writing STAAR TEST


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