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Unit 4- Sums and Minuends to 5

This unit bundles student expectations that address modeling, representing, and explaining the operations needed and the strategies used to solve addition and subtraction problems involving sums and minuends to 5. Students continue to examine the context of the problem situation to distinguish between joining, separating, and part-part-whole situations and the operation needed to solve the problem. Students explore a variety of strategies and representations with emphasis on orally explaining models and representations and justifying solution strategies.

Really focus on giving students word problems for them to act out in multiple ways. Students are not expected to read the word problems but they should be able to act it out on part-part-whole mats, five frames, number sentences, etc. Make sure that they have manipulatives available to them during this time as well!

Performance Assessment

There is not a District PA for this unit, but you are still expected to complete a PA for each unit. Here is the PA for Unit 4:

For each situation, complete the following tasks:

  • Create a concrete model to represent the solution to the problem.
  • Record the solution to each problem using a pictorial model and a number sentence.
  • Orally describe, explain, and justify the problem solving strategy or plan used to determine each solution.

  1. Sandy was playing alone in the park. Chris and Brenda came to play in the park with Sandy. How many children are now playing in the park?
  2. There were 5 birds sitting on a tree branch. If 3 birds flew away, how many birds were left sitting on the tree branch?
  3. Pablo’s shirt has 2 small buttons and 3 large buttons. How many buttons are on Pablo’s shirt?
  4. Angelica has 4 fish in her tank. If 3 of her fish are orange, how many fish are not orange?

In the resources section of Forethought I have attached a recording document for this PA and a Google Slides with each problem on it to help guide you through it if you want to do it whole class. I would encourage them to use their crayons to draw their pictures, especially for the last question.

I have also included a rubric to help you score.

Types of Word Problems

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Just a Couple of Ideas

Subitizing Station Idea

When You Add with a Pirate (addition song for kids)
When You Subtract with a Pirate (subtraction song for kids)
Adding and Subtracting (song for kids about addition/subtracting)
Five Little Pumpkins
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