Earth Day

Anayey Delgado

Earth Day Animal

The Cuttlefish

The cuttlefish uses its ability to change body colour to hide itself, before catching its prey with the sucker-pads on the end of its long tentacles which bring the prey into the sharp beak of the cuttlefish.

Why you think you were chosen to be that animal?

I think the reason that I was a Cuttlefish is because I hide myself before people that I know see me.

Ecological Footprint

What does "Ecological Footprint" means?

Ecological Footprint is a measure of how much your way of live takes others to be the same.

What does your specific Ecological Footprint show?

My Ecological Footprint shows that for everyone to live like me it takes 4 planets. Then that it takes 17.7 global acres of Earths production area.

Explanation of the categories.

The most I spend on is about 50% on service. Then it would be the goods and foods would 13% . The last categories would be the mobility and Shelter with 12%.

Improvements/Changes you can make:

One of the changes that I can make is by not using the services too much. The second thing that I can do is that I can recycle more often that I would usually. The third thing that I would do is plant more crops so we have fresh vegetables or fruits that people can buy.