Lying Game


Secrets, deception, lies... a murder is committed deep in the privacy of Sabino Canyon. This is what Emma Paxton is here for, to find out who killed her identical twin sister Sutton Mercer. After finding out she had a twin sister, she quickly messages her on Facebook and asks her to meet up with her. Little did she know, on the day she was meeting up with Sutton, she was murdered. As she was waiting for Sutton, a posee attacks "Sutton" who is actually Emma; with a burlap bag and they take her across the street and remove the bag from her head. Emma soon finds out its Sutton's friends trying to play a prank on her. Not knowing Emma was not Sutton, they bring her back to Nisha's party. After the party, Emma goes to Sutton's house still acting as Sutton. In the morning, when Emma wakes up, Laurel(Sutton's sister), gives her a note addressed to Sutton. Emma opens up the note and reads "Sutton's dead, keep playing along." Soon, Emma finds out about a "Lying Game" Sutton and her friends play. The Lying Game is a very elaborate prank game that Sutton's friends play on each other or people who get into their way. They are extremely serious about this game, and this game is extremely exclusive to everyone. As a result of all this being dumped on top of her, Emma spills her guts to Ethan who promises to help her till the end. This is only the first book in The Lying Game series by Sara Shepard where there are deep, dark, and deadly lies to be continued.


In the conclusion of the book, Emma found out Ethan was lying to her about his personal records. This is a huge turning point in the book because Emma trusts Ethan with everything, and he did not share something huge and important about his life, with her. Thankfully, all is forgiven but not forgotten. As a result, Emma is more careful aroud what she says with Ethan because he may be a suspect. Although Becky was suspected of killing Sutton, she was proven innocent at the end, it turns out that night, when Becky met Sutton in the Canyon, she told Sutton that she had a twin sister, and that she should look for Emma. The story ends with another big turning point in the series of Nisha's death. Nisha was killed by Sutton's murdurer simply because she "knew too much." Emma feels remorse because Nisha called her multiple times on her phone, and each time, she ignored her. With death, mystery, a new possible suspect, and a betrayal, the series continues with "Seven Minutes in Heaven"