Georgia Colony

Are you in Debt? Don't fret! Welcome to the Georgia Colony!

Why Settle In Georgia?

Some reasons many settlers arrived to this peachy keen colony are:

  • Many of the protestants as well as catholics, and Jews came here in search of religious freedom
  • They wanted a lovely settlement to practice any religion that pleased them as their own civilizations had many restrictions on what and what not they can do
  • This proves the fact that the great colony of Georgia welcomes all kinds of religious backgrounds

The Beautiful Features of This Colony!

This colony has a wide variety of seasons for all citizens to enjoy from here:

  • The winters are mild and very long (No tough times in the snow anymore!)
  • However, the summers can be pretty humid and long
  • This colony is very famous for it's wetlands, red clay mountains and forested areas

How Open This Colony Can Be!

The colony as we have mentioned before, is very open to many faiths some examples are:

  • When the Jews were looking for a peaceful and free settlement the Georgia Colony welcomed them with open arms!
  • When many protestants were kicked out they were looking for a place as well Georgia showed them a beautiful colony where they could stay in peace
  • Many catholics had always been forced to practice with one religion, they came to Georgia and now they do whatever they want.

The Amazing Government This Colony is Famous for!

The Georgia colony is a self-governing state, which means there is no one person controling the colony but the whole settlement! Imagine how peaceful and "non-chaotic" the colony is.