The Golden Age Of Greece

By: Shannon Graziano

Golden Age

The period in which Greek culture reached its peak. This was a period of great peace, prosperity, and happiness. This period of time was around 500 to 300 BC. During this time Greeks had great success in art, architecture, government, poetry, and literature.

Three Areas of Achievement

The ancient Greeks excelled in studying Math, Science and Art. One example of how Greeks excelled in Math was the Greek Geometer Euclid made the main geometry textbook of the west for hundreds of years, called Euclid's Elements and it remained the basis of all geometry texts right up through the 1970's.

One example of how Greeks excelled in Science was the Greeks were the first to explore scientific areas. The Greeks believed that the world was made up of four fundamental elements, these elements turned out to be indivisible particles called atoms. Now because of the Greeks we found out that there is a lot more elements then four, we now believe that atoms can be divided into more particles.

One example of how Greeks excelled in Art was the Greeks excelled in sculpture. Their works were impressive in handling of human anatomies, and details like hair and clothing. Also the building on Athenian Acropolis are a great area of achievement.