SSR Project

By: Sophie Stancil

Title & Author

"Boy Crazy" written by Hailey Abbott

Summary: Cassie Morgan, Greta Crocker and Keagan Ellison are the three best friends anyone could ever have. Even though they all go to different schools, they manage to keep in touch until summer where they reunite. They tell each other all the gossip, breakups and betrayals. Considering all three girls were heartbroken at the end of the school year, they decide to have a little fun this summer.

Explanation: This event is important because it explains the background of the girls and what to look for ahead. The picture shows the three best friends laughing and enjoying each other.

Summary: The three best friends decide to have a relationship free summer and have a little fun. Greta comes up with the idea for a ten-boy summer. The plan is to kiss at least ten boys before the summer is over. Play guys at their own game. Just kisses. Rules are: flirt constantly, keep your options open, and don't get too attached. They declare the ten-boy summer pact.

Explanation: This explains the idea of what is suppose to happen in the book. The ten-boy summer pact. The picture shows what they are suppose to do. Kiss at least 10 boys.

Summary: With all three girls working, they still manage to make time for parties to find some candidates for their game. While both Greta and Keagan are ahead of Cassie, she doesn't think much of it. She has an entire summer right? But when she spots a guy already staring back at her, she knows she needs to kiss him. Or maybe talk to him first. When he starts heading over to her, she is shocked. He introduces himself as Trey Carter. They talk for a bit and Cassie begins to like him. He goes to get her a drink and Greta approaches her. She tells her Trey Carter is trouble and she needs to stay away.

Explanation: This explains how the trouble starts. When she meets Trey Carter and Greta tells her to keep away. The picture shows a boy and a girl flirting like its Cassie and Trey.

Summary: Cassie has had no thoughts other than Trey Carter. She can't get him out of her head and she doesn't quite know why. Greta warned her. She should stay away, right? So when Cassie is eating at her favorite café, minding her own business, Trey Carter himself walks in. She tried and tried to avoid him, but she can't. He approaches her and asks her out. Cassie doesn't hesitate to say "yes", when she knows it could lead to trouble.

Explanation: This explains how Cassie caves into go out with Trey even though she knows she shouldn't. The picture shows how the girl is trying to avoid the boy and the boy wants her attention, just like Cassie and Trey.

Summary: Keeping secrets from your best friends is a terrible thing to do. Especially when it comes to boys. Cassie couldn't tell Greta or Keagan she was dating Trey. They had the pact and Greta told her to stay away, but she continues to date him anyways. At a party, the three girls walk in and the first thing Cassie sees is Trey. Since Cassie has been so far behind in the ten-boy summer pact, Greta and Keagan begin messing with her. She has had enough and goes up to a stranger and kisses him smack on the lips. Of course everyone sees it, even Trey. When Cassie runs to Trey to apologize, everything is revealed. The lies and the betrayal.

Explanation: This explains how all the secrets are revealed. Greta and Keagan finding out about Trey and Trey seeing her cheating. Betrayal and lies are revealed. This picture shows the word "betrayal" because thats exactly what happens in this scene.

Summary: Greta and Keagan have never been so upset with Cassie before. Cassie kept apologizing but didn't know what else to do. She didn't know why they were so upset? Yes, they had the pact and Greta had told her to stay away, but rules were meant to be broken, right? Greta revealed why she didn't like Trey. He was Greta's ex. He used her and Greta never forgot. She didn't want the same thing to happen to Cassie. The girls friendship was broken at the moment. Betrayal, lies and boys came between them.

Explanation: This explains how the friendship between mainly Cassie and Greta was broken because of boys, lies and betrayal and how Greta reveals her secret about Trey. The picture shows glass shattered with the word friendship on it. It shows how the friendship was broken.

Summary: Cassie couldn't let boys come between her friendships. She went to Greta's and apologized for everything. Greta knew she didn't mean any harm and forgave her. Friendship is more important than some guy anyways. All three girls spent the day together enjoying the summer that was left. When the day was over, Greta and Keagan dropped Cassie off at her house. But, Trey Carter was sitting on her front porch waiting for her. He told the girls he needed to talk to Greta. After some convincing, Greta agreed to talk to Trey. Cassie was really concerned and didn't know what was going on. Many minutes later, Greta came back smiling. She told Cassie that Trey needed to talk to her and that she approved of him. Trey apologized for lying, as well did Cassie. The truth is, Cassie and Trey couldn't resist each other. They loved each other. And if two people are meant to be, let them be. No games, lies or betrayals. Pure love.

Explanation: This explains how the friendship is restored and how Cassie and Trey get back together. Greta approves of Trey and everyone ends up happy. The picture shows love between a boy and girl representing Trey and Cassie and three girls jumping in the air representing the friendship between Cassie, Greta, and Keagan.

Summary and Review

Cassie just got home from boarding school where her ex-boyfriend broke her heart. She's not ready for summer. But her two best friends, Greta and Keagan, that hasn't seen in forever have a plan. They're going to spend the summer playing boys at their own game. Each of them must kiss at least ten boys during the summer. On top of the ten-boy summer pact, Cassie has a summer job, giving biking tours on an island. But she makes time to party and relax with friends. Even though Greta and Keagan are starting off just fine on the pact, Cassie is behind but gets into the plan, until she meets one particular boy, Trey Carter. At first she tests him, but soon he breaks down her walls and she agrees to go on a date with him. Despite the warning from Greta, Cassie soon finds herself tied down. Now she's ditching her friends to be with her secret boyfriend. But at a party with her best friends and her secret boyfriend, everything blows up. All secrets are revealed and Cassie is left with an upset best friend and no boyfriend. Cassie has never felt so guilty and ashamed when she finds out that Greta is Trey’s ex girlfriend. But eventually, the friendships are restored. Yet, she still has no boyfriend until after a girls day out, Cassie and the girls pull up to Cassie’s house and see the one and only Trey Carter is on her front porch waiting. All three girls are shocked when he asks to talk to Greta instead of Cassie. After some convincing, Greta talks to Trey. After some time, Greta comes back and tells Cassie to talk to Trey and gives Cassie her blessing to date Trey. Confused by Greta’s words, Cassie goes and talks to Trey and the relationship is repaired. All is well in Cassie’s life and she couldn’t imagine it any other way.

I think this book was really good. I loved the secret romance and the bond between the three best friends in the book. I found myself relating to some of the parts in the book and thats what I loved. There was some extra information in the book that didn't have to be used but overall, I found this book to be extremely interesting and an easy read.