Techno Monday Update

KEYS and AEP, vol. 1 issue 1

Techno Updates

Welcome to our new Techno Monday Techno Updates page for FEW (KEYS and AEP). This year I am going to try something new and see if this works. Each Monday I will send out an update that will include information or resources specific to this campus in regards to technology. Of course, we will still meet in person as a group from time to time, but on weeks when we don't meet, you will get this information. We shall see how it goes

Your Technology Staff

What Are Your Technology Needs-Click Here

Please click on the button to take a quick survey. As a technology department, we would like to meet your campus needs and we are asking what types of technology PD you would like to see. Thank you for your input.

Upcoming Technology Monday

Mark your calendar for this date:

Office 365 For All

Monday, January 12 @ 8:00am

Bring your laptops so we can set up your Office 365 account and learn how to download the free Microsoft Office version for home use.

Techno Tidbits and Troubleshooting

School Center:

Internet Explorer is currently having some issues while trying to upload content to your School Center pages. A little birdie told me that using Firefox works just fine. Firefox is an accepted browser and can be downloaded for use. Please do not make it your default browser on your computer. Any questions, contact us thru the Help account.

New Cognos Gradebook Report:

Check out this new report......Tools..... Cognos Published Reports...GDBK006 T

This report is just like the Student Detail Report, but it will allow grade comments to be printed out next to individual assignment grades. You guys asked for it and now it is finally here.....Merry Christmas!

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