figure ice skating

sapir anidgar & irit becker

develop your creativity and dance your way on the ice

Ice skating develops the coordination and the balance, moreover 45 minutes is like running training it improve the physical fitness . Figure ice skating develops movement and creativity. Its a very hard kind of sport but with a lot of tranings and diligence you can succeed.

Figure ice skating was the first winter sport included in the olympics ,in 1908.

In our opinion what is special in this sport is that they dance on the ice! moreover the make a lot of special and dificult moves.

Julia Lipnitskaya

Julia Lipnitskaya is a world chempion in the olympics games in 2014 She is 15 years old

Yulia Lipnitskaya Figure Skating Gala Exhibition in Sochi 2014

European Figure Skating Championships 2014: Andrea Davidovich and Evgeni Krasnopolski

Evgeni Krasnopolski and Andrea Davidovich was compered in couple figure skate and finished the competition in the 15 place after they got 147.73 points. They are the first Israeli couple that reachs to the final

Andrea DAVIDOVICH / Evgeni KRASNOPOLSKI LP. European Figure Skating Championships 2014