The Digestive System

This is a flyer about the Digestive System

What is the Digestive System?

The digestive system is one of the many systems in the body, It helps us by converting the food we eat into energy and nutrients to feed our body, The organs it has are; the stomach, the large and small intestine, mouth and esophagus. These all have important tasks for the body.

How does the Digestive System do its job?

The digestive system does it job by repeating a cycle. First, you chew your food in your mouth and the saliva breaks it down into starches. Then you swallow it into the esophagus. Through the esophagus, it goes into the stomach where the stomach acid breaks it into protein. It then goes into the small intestine where the starch, protein and carbohydrates. The waste goes into the large intestines where it goes into the anus.
Digestive System