with Odysseus


After ditching crazed-chick Circe, Odysseus and his men set out in search of a man Teirisius. After finally reaching their destination, they land in the Land of the Dead, just as directed. He sees all of these spirits that he knew but they did not know him. What is going on now?? He finds the solution: they must drink blood off his sword to remember him. In order to find out what happens next, scroll to the bottom and read the rest, if you dare...

Overview Continued

After the ghosts drink the blood, he runs into the following spirits: Elpenor, his mother, Teirisius, and Agamemnon. Elpenor, who fell off Circe's roof, asked for a memorial statue to built in his honor, and Odysseus agreed. Next came his mother Antiklea. At first, they tried to embrace, but since she was dead, they could't make contact. She was trying to ease the conversation they had to talk about her death. She never died by the hands of another, or an illness. This clue leads us to one ruling: Suicide. This was indeed the case. She died due to heartbreak. Then he met the man of the hour, Teirisius. He was asking a favor of Ulysses. He wanted to know how his son was doing, and his safety. He agreed to keep his son safe from harm. He also said that he will make it back to Ithaca, but there are suitors trying to get with Penelope. Lastly, he met Agamemnon. He only speaks for some time but, he supposedly doesn't like women because they have wronged him, except for Penelope.