Emma Evans

My Subject

For third trimester's brain hour in T.A.G., I will be learning to do more complex crocheting skills such as a flower or a small doll. I will be supplying my own hooks(I will need yarn) and use online tutorials as my guidance. I have a family member who knows how to do simple patterns, though I don't think that they know ho make complex things, which is what I am trying to do. The key word for my whole study is 'crochet'.


The timeline on my study is complete at the end of trimester 3. I believe I can reach at least 1 of my goals because I enjoy crocheting. A problem that may occur is not being able to understand what the video is teaching me and I believe that I can power through and keep trying until I succeed. To share what I have learned, I will be presenting what I have made and show a small slide show which will have pictures I will be taking over the process of my study.