Tustumena Staff Newsletter

April 3, 2013

From Parent letter

What a beautiful Spring so far! I keep hearing about "break up" and how that is a season in itself. It doesn't sound good, but I am looking forward to the season on the other side of it. Not spring season, or summer season, but Fishing Season!

Our SBA season is almost over. Only the Fourth graders have a test left. On Tuesday, they will take their Science assessment. The kids have been real troopers through this assessment and attendance has been great! Thank you so much for all you have done to get the kids here and on time. For the kids who did miss their assessment, we will have make-up assessments through next week.

We have a big event coming up on April 24 that I would like to highlight. Mike Thaler, author of the "Black Lagoon" series will be at our school for two assemblies. Our kids will get a chance to meet and ask questions of a highly published author. We hope they come away from the experience seeing that they too could become a successful author if they choose. We will have the hallway to the library decorated as a lagoon and several teachers will be featuring his books in their read aloud time. If you would like to see other books he has written or more information about Mr. Thaler visit: http://www.mikethaler.com/blacklagoonseries.htm.

We also have a meeting scheduled for our Title One Program that I would like to make sure folks know about. Mrs. Granger will be available to meet with any parents of students who receive Title One services on April 9th from 4pm to 5:30pm.

Finally, I would like to report the most recent action in regard to the Soldotna Area Schools reconfiguration discussion. On Monday night the KPBSD Board of Directors decided to approve a recommendation to have one high school on the current SOHI campus for grades 10-12. The decision included the timing to be decided by administration but to be no later than the fall of 2015. Also, the decision of the configuration of students in grades 7-9 is still to be determined. Research is currently underway about the educational effectiveness of two grade 7-9 junior highs vs. a single grade 7-8 middle school and a single 9th grade school. For further information and updates see: http://www.kpbsd.k12.ak.us

Is your upcoming event on this list?

Coming up

April 9- Title One meeting 4-5:30pm

April 9- SBA 4th grade Science

April 16- PTO Meeting- 4pm

April 19- We DO have school (snow day make up)

April 22-May 3- KPL Book Fair in Library

April 24- Mike Thaler- Black Lagoon assemblies

April 22-24- Sixth graders to Kasistna Bay

April 29- Site Council meeting- 4pm

May 15-17 end of year Lynx Tracks field trips

May 20- Sixth Grade Graduation 1pm

May 20- End of year Assembly 2pm

Volunteer Appreciation Week

Please be sure to call, send notes, and talk to your volunteers, especially the week of 4/22. We will be having a volunteer celebration 4/25 after school.

Minutes and agenda

Minutes today:

SBA- Doug will be available from 2pm on for supervsing stragglers.

Author visit- Mike Thaler will be here April 24th- Two assemblies in cafeteria, intermediate first. Decorate hall by library as lagoon. Some images of teachers may be used.

KPL bookfair in library April 22-May 3

Agenda for April 10-

Calendar- We all know what is coming up

Mentor list

SBA - debrief the process for next year

Voluntee Week discussion