Czech Republic

Czech Republic History

Czech Republic History

Czech Republic joined the European Union in the year 2004. It was part of Czechslovakia. Czech Republic is surrounded by Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland. There are mountains and rivers in the country.

Flag and Capital

The first flag was a white and red striped flag, but it was changed to have a blue triangle in the middle. The flag was changed off and on.

The captial of the Czech Republic is Prague, and other major cities are Liberec, Olomouc, and Pizen.


Poodri is a river where different animals live. You can see different animals living in and around the river. There are ruins in Moravia and Silesia which can teach history about the land.


Elbe river is one of the longest rivers in Czech Republic. Snezka is the highest mountain in Czech Republic. There are also forestsin Czech Republic.

Goverment and Currency

Czech Republic's government type is parliamentary democracy.

Currency type is Czech Crown [koruna]

3 interesting facts

1. New Year's Eve is a business day in Czech Republic.

2. May 1 is a day of love. It is a memorial to a Czech poet.

3. A special bread is baked on All Souls Day.