Culinary Artist

Trinity Kelly Hr. 8

Career Overview

In my career I would learn to use cooking and preparing food as an art style. Knives would be used with just about every project. Serving size and temperate must be accurate, so it is important that I am aware of when the food is cooking at all times.
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What Will You Do

Culinary Artists create all sorts of cultural dishes and make sure that the presentation is perfect. They keep track of expenses and payments they need to make. They also must communicate very clearly to their cooking staff. If they aren't clear with what they want the staff to do, lots of mistake will be made. Cleaning the dishes is still a chore that must be done too in order to keep the kitchen clean and organized.


The minimum degree needed in order to be a qualified culinary artist would be a Bachelors degree.

Recommended High School Courses

  • Art I
  • Culinary Arts I &II
  • Professional Culinary and Pastry Arts
  • French II
  • Algebra II
  • Food Science
  • Chemistry
  • Co-op experience

Tuition Cost Per Year

Culinary Institute of America NY: $13,965 per year

4 Year Tuition Cost

$55,860 per 4 years

Everyday Living Costs With Tuition

housing (most are for four years with summers off)= $8,252

food/groceries (most are 4 year degrees) = $1,400

gas money for travelling/carpooling (4 yrs.) = $0, no car, bike instead

clothing money (typically 4yrs.) = $40, bring clothes along

total tuition (typically 4 yrs. with summers off) = $55,860

Total Cost For Attending College

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Apply For Financial Aid and Scholarships

The cost will be a lot to save up for. Applying for a scholarship would really help pay for the high cost of college. Even if the scholarship is only a few hundred dollars, it's a few hundred dollars I don't need to worry about. Financial Aid is also an option but a little more tricky than a scholarship because you must pay your financial aid cost back.

Part Time Job

A part time job will greatly help cover the cost of tuition and living. Being in a serious amount of debt is something that should be avoided by all means. Having a job gives you money to pay for yourself at college.

Career In The Future

I still want this career, but the college might be different for the first two years to get my associates degree. I am very passionate about this career and look forward to doing it after college.

Associations For This Career

National Restaurant Association

American Personal Chef Association

Pros and Cons

One pro of having this job is that you will learn so much about cooking that when you prepare food for others they will really like it. One con of having this job would be all of the hours you have work. You might have to work on the weekends or on holidays.


1) Experience of being in a filled kitchen

2) Paid lots of money

3) You become very good at cooking and preparing food


1) Work too many hours

2) No credit for work

Job Advertisment

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