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Week of February 15, 2016

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Our mission at Richland Elementary is to engage students in a safe learning environment to become socially and academically successful.
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Week at a Glance

Monday, February 15

  • Professional Development-Teachers and EAs at school; Special Programs check for locations in Eduphoria
  • Lunch OYO
  • Campus Staff Development in Library at 12:30 PM

Tuesday, February 16

  • Kerri at ILT
  • First day to start collecting writing samples for TELPAS

Wednesday, February 17

  • Dr. Clark, Dr. Holland and Jaime Smith visits our campus
  • 5th grade Math CBA
Thursday, February 18
  • 5th Grade Reading CBA
  • Founder's Day Dinner @ 6:00 PM

Friday, February 19

  • Book Fair begins
  • Kerri out to meeting at Ad Building at 1:30 PM
  • PTA Fundraiser Kick-off in cafeteria @1:45 PM
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Shout Outs!

  • Congratulations to Kathryn Jordan, Richland's Teacher of the Year! We are so proud of you Kathryn! Thanks for all you do for the students and staff of Richland Elementary.
  • Thanks to Jeff Samuelson for meeting with all grade levels to help with ways to utilize technology with your kids. I know there are so many possibilities and I hope that Jeff was able to give you some simple ideas to start using immediately to enhance instruction. I am planning on having Jeff come out on a regular basis to answer questions and to teach us how to use all of our technology in work stations, research, creation and instruction.
  • Thanks to Dawn Fielder for coming out to work with each grade level on SS. I think Dawn was able to share some very practical ideas on how to integrate SS into ELA. Dawn has offered to come out again for any grade levels that would like to do a "make-and-take" with SS. She is willing to come just for the grade levels that would like it. Please let me know and I will contact Dawn.
  • Thanks to Michelle Bolin for her presentation on modifications/accommodations. It is very important that we are making accommodations for our SPED and 504 students. It is equally as important that we are differentiating for our GT kids. Please reach out to our specialist as they are all very willing to collaborate with you.
  • Thanks to Michelle for presenting the TELPAS training this week. Thanks also for the flexibility of letting grade levels choose the day that worked best for their training.
  • Thanks to all teachers for giving up your conference time this week for the Art/PLC and the TELPAS training. I know that you need your conference time, but it is also important that we had some of this training. I promise to leave your conference time alone this week!
  • Thanks to everyone for getting your budget items in on Friday. We will start to look through all the items and see what the budget allows. I am hopeful that we can purchase most, if not all, of the things on your lists.
  • Thanks to Angi for planning the Valentine's Dance. It was a HUGE success! Thanks to the custodial staff for the set-up and clean up! Thanks to everyone that donated items to the dance. The DJ donated his time and Andrya's son donated the photo booth! Thanks to all the staff that stayed at the dance to either work or monitor/dance with the kiddos. Thanks to DeeDra, Linda, Cynthia, Kristen, Lyn, Jenny, Aletha, Barbi, Andrya, Traci, Stacy, Jessica, Kathryn, Payton, Sheri, Melissa, Karen, Lisa and Michelle for helping with the dance. If you were able to stay it really was a ton of fun!
  • Thanks to Aletha and Jenny for covering for Tara when a sub did not pick up on Friday. Thanks to Charlie for picking up for Payton when she did not have a sub on Tuesday morning. Deedra also covered duties in AABLE when we were short a teacher or an EA several times this week! Thanks to Magaly and Andrya for keeping the office running while Traci was out with Tori. It gets really busy up there when we are not fully staffed. It is great when we work as a family to help out where we are needed!
  • Thanks to Audra for helping out in the office on Friday!

Technolgoy Spotlight!

  • Learning+Fun+CoolPrizes....Spring Digital Learning Conference is on Saturday March 5 from 8:00-1:30 at the BCTAL.
  • Remember to check out Symbaloo under resources on the digital learning webpage: Find your grade level's info by clicking on your grade on the far right side of the page.
  • Check out Tika Talk for another easy way for students to create books. Jeff sent out info for login.
  • Want to try the SMARTboard but don't have time to look for resource or make them. Check this out for more student interaction on the board: for grades 3-5 and for grades K-2.

Tibits of Info

  • Please be sure and register or the professional development on Monday. I believe the links will still be "live" on Monday. I have a hyperlink to sessions above.

  • Everyone needs to start collecting writing samples this week. The time period for collecting samples is very short since Spring Break and testing takes place during this TELPAS writing window. Each grade level will need to plan out what/when you will collect writing in content areas. Remember, you can take the writing samples for a grade as long as you do not write on the original writing sample of your ELL students. You will need to make copies of the originals to grade. All students should have the writing assignment also, so that the writing is authentic.

  • Dr. Clark, Dr. Holland and Jamie Smith will be on our campus on Wednesday. They will be looking for evidence of tier 1 priorities. In particular, they will be looking for UPSC, small group instruction, evidence of "worked" TEKS, vocabulary that is easy to read and applicable for students, strategies learned from Norma, and use of the science lab/experiments. They will also be looking for your PDSA board since that is one of our school goals. Please make sure your bulletin boards are updated with current work and TEKS.

  • Everyone should have their PDSA board up in the room by this week and starting the continuous improvement process.

  • The following 2-week windows are set for monthly progress monitoring using STAR 360. Of course, you may assess students at any point if there is a need. These windows are set to provide you the information needed to schedule progress monitoring on your campus.

    March 1-March 10

    April 4- 15

    May 2-13

    C & I is still working through the implementation model for the new screener, and they will be asking for feedback on our processes later in the spring.

  • CBAs will continue this week for 5th grade and in the next few weeks for 2nd -4th grades. Please make sure that you give the CBA on the day planned and get the score sheets scanned quickly. I do know that there is tutoring occurring in the room that you normally scan in, but it will be okay for you to go in quietly.

  • We will have a Open House on Tuesday, March 8th from 5:30-6:30 on Public Schools Week. The grade levels that responded suggested that we have a open house and I agree. Parents like to come to school to see what their kids are working on. I planned it at 5:30, so that parents could come in right after ASPIRE. Also, if we end at 6:30 we can get home at a reasonable time. I had grade levels suggest that have a math games night and/or a night to show projects and work. You may also want to have a page with suggestions for helpful aps or websites, homework tips and other important info for parents. ASPIRE will be serving refreshments.

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Upcoming Events

  • Feb. 22-Staff Meeting-STAAR training-everyone plan on staying
  • Feb. 23-Grades 2-4 Reading CBA
  • Feb. 25-Grade 2-5 SS CBA
  • Feb. 26-End of 5th Six Weeks
  • March 2-Austin Chaperone Meeting @ 4:00
  • March 2-Grades 2-4 Math CBA
  • March 3-Grades 2-5 Science CBA
  • March 4-Art/PLC
  • March 5-Digital Learning at BCTAL from 8:00-1:30
  • March 5-Cup Stacking Contest
  • March 8-Open House 5:30-6:30
  • March 10-4th Grade to Austin

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