Newsletter - November, 2013

Shopping Season Has Begun

As Christmas gets closer, our sales levels increase and our calendars fill with Jewelry Bar Bookings and Holiday Vendor Events. The new Fall TOMs and November items have been quite a hit. Everyone is loving the new Link Locket bracelets and chains. I have a few items for thought to work on during November. Be sure to keep this newsletter and reference back to this list throughout out the month.

  • Post to your Facebook page at least daily. Get your name out there and post the link to your replicated website with pictures of our new TOM items. Now is when people are looking for Christmas gift ideas.
  • Offer gift certificates for Christmas gifts.
  • Work on getting a vendor event scheduled and get your name out there in the community. Focus on hostess bookings and recruits at the vendor fairs - the sales are the easy part. Complete and submit the event form to the Nest.
  • There WILL BE a Christmas Rush and IT WILL GET CRAZY - Expect it and plan for it!! Don't be caught off guard when items start popping up on the back order list. Don't be caught off guard when orders don't arrive within our "normal" timeframe. Don't be caught off guard when orders are incomplete and inaccurate.
  • Check, double check and triple check your orders prior to submission. It is going to become increasingly difficult to reach the Nest to get orders corrected and items replaced the closer we get to Christmas.
  • Check, double check and triple check your orders prior to delivering to the hostess and/or customers. Again, the quicker you catch any mistakes or defective items, the easier it is going to be to get those replaced prior to the Christmas rush.
  • Set a drop dead date for when you will be placing your last Christmas order and be sure to communicate that date to your hostesses and customers well in advance. Don't get yourself in a bind by trying to be "nice" and going ahead with an order hoping that it will arrive by Christmas. Offer gift certificates instead of products as the Christmas date gets too close for promises.
  • Begin planning your after Christmas specials.
  • Think about and plan how you are going to get those January bookings.
  • Begin working on Valentine's Day specials and thinking about how to get Valentine's Day sales.

New O2 Back Office Tips and Comments

The new O2 Back Office has arrived. We could debate the opinions of the change and discuss the bugs that remain; however, I'm going to focus on some specific areas that will be helpful to your business right away.

  • O2 Lounge Blogs - this is where you will find the Nest's daily and weekly updates. We now have the feature to "subscribe" to the blog in order to stay up to date on the topic.
  • Tools - in this section of the BO you will find a link to update your website info. Be sure to personalize your site with your picture, verify your email address and update your phone number. Additionally, the Newsletter info is under the Tools link. Here is where you will enter all of the email addresses you have collected from JBs, events and drawing slips. (You are carrying drawing slips, business cards and catalogs in your purse, right?)
  • Jewelry Bar Assistant - this section has some excellent tools for Hostess and Guest Coaching. The Hostess emails, JB links and Hostess access are a great way to get your Hostess more involved in her JB success. Remember to update your Hostess Jewelry Bar letters to better correspond with the new BO processes.