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Complete Services Regarding Doll Houses at Baccraft Miniatures

We at Baccraft Miniatures have been offering expert services in the field of doll houses since 1995. We have an experience of 15 years that has helped us to serve better to the clients. We are one of a kind and because of our excellent services; we have become the leading agency in the same profession. We are a family run company that offer environmental friendly products.

We are located in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. We started under the trade mark "Baccraft" and along with time, we kept improving ourselves. The main reason behind the formation of our company was to offer expert quality services whether it’s for sales or for the maintenance of doll houses. We keep on improving and updating our services to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We have a wide variety of different services like Furniture for Dolls Houses, Miniature Dolls For Dollhouse, Dolls House Electrics, Fire Places Grates, Flooring, Hardware, hinges, Kits, Roofing, Power supply, windows and doors. We specialize in offering doll house and doll house maintenance services. We have hired expert workers that have all the important information about the process of manufacturing and repairing of doll houses. We only use high quality materials to achieve the task.

We feel proud of our services, products and the staff. If you want to look at some of our products, you may call us on 01442 244660 or log on to our web site